"Fortnite Creative" is a sandbox game within the battle royale shooter where players are given the freedom to build their own maps and game modes. The “FNBR” community has seen awesome creations in the past from fellow players as most of them are either obstacle or practice courses. That said, a new map from a group of players, however, is by far a cut above the rest as they’ve created an entirely new game and it has been gaining popularity within the player base.

‘The Fourth Dimension’

Team Cre8 alongside Chad Mustard from the YouTube channel Mustard Plays dubbed their masterpiece as “The Fourth Dimension” and it’s deemed to be the first full-fledged game within “Fortnite’s Creative" mode.

Players will be delving into six different worlds/maps where they will be solving puzzles, search for clues, and even beat a final boss. The YouTuber even pointed out in his video that there’s what he calls a “final secret level” that tells the full story of the game.

According to him, the game has six to 10 hours of gameplay where he even made a separate video for its walkthrough. Mustard said that the entire endeavor is six months in the making adding that he came up with the idea to interlink maps and backed it up with a storyline.

“The Fourth Dimension” also got a thumbs up from big bro and “Fortnite Creative" Director Donald Mustard. In his tweet, he encouraged their player base to give it a try and went on stating how astounding it is to see what can be created in the BR title.

The game even has its own merch as it was revealed by the YouTuber. He said that every purchase will both support him and the map creators. For those who want to try the game, players must enter the map code “1500-2565-8566" inside "Fortnite Creative".

Lag on 'Creative'

Meanwhile, console players are complaining about lags within "Creative". Reddit user u/willchems is just one of the controller players who took to r/FortniteCompetitive to raise such concern.

According to the player, the game mode is “so buggy on controller” as he further explained that he has to press edit three times before it actually selects. The OP added that reloading also took him a couple of presses and even went on to state that he can’t do resets nor box fight because of the delay.

Other controller players backed up the OP’s claim stating that they too experience the same issue. There is one, however, who commented that the issue might be caused when they reload their weapons. Further, the player explained that prior to reloading, there were no problems in pulling out builds. The player went on stating that until Epic rolls out a fix, he’ll try to avoid reloading as much as possible in "Fortnite Creative".