"Fortnite" like other Video Games nowadays won’t be complete without players discovering some glitches that would either give them a huge advantage or break their gameplay. “Fortnite” is full of those and a couple of new glitches have been discovered recently. Epic Games took notice of one of them.

Fishing Pole glitch

A Reddit user posted a short clip over on r/FortNiteBR showing what popular Twitch streamer SypherPK stumbled upon while using the fishing pole in “Fortnite.” Per the video, the streamer was able to fish out an item from the ground by simply looking straight down and casting the fishing pole.

Sypher’s reaction can be seen on what just happened as he told his squad about the exploit that he discovered.

The post gained a decent amount of upvotes on the said subreddit so Epic took notice of it and addressed the issue. Someone from the dev team jokingly commented, “yarrr, we don’t need water where we’re going!” He assured their player base, however, that such “sorcery” will be looked upon by the developer.

An issue with Double Up

Another glitch was also discovered by YouTuber JoJoJosiah alongside his squad while playing a match in “Fortnite.” The clip was posted over on the same subreddit where it featured the issue with the emote known as the Double Up.

Per the video, the OP’s other teammates did the emote in question then a third squad member did a High Five to one of the players doing the Double Up.

This may well seem to have triggered the glitch as one of them continued to walk away and play normally while the other is somewhat being dragged, not to mention that he still does the emote all by himself.

They even tested if the glitch would work to more than one player to which it did briefly. At the time of writing, Epic has yet to address this issue as it is now gaining some traction among “Fortnite” players.

On wall-taking coin flip

Meanwhile, Epic has finally responded to a Reddit post that was made almost a month ago claiming that wall-taking is dependent on a ping once again instead of it being a coin flip. According to one of the game’s community coordinators (FreightTrainUSA), he commented that after some investigations, he confirmed that no values in how the feature works have been changed. Further, he explained that the dev team took into consideration the high versus low pings alongside other factors while performing the test and went on assuring the community that no changes were made.

Albeit the explanation, the “Fortnite” player base is still confused about the response especially the part where the community coordinator said that the feature is “working as intended.” One of them is the game’s competitive caster – ballatw where he asked Epic what they mean by that.

Dexerto noted that ballatw believes that the coin flip is still in the game, though there’s a bit of uncertainty since there are a lot of players reporting otherwise.