Fortnite: Battle Royale” players have been stumbling upon numerous glitches and bugs, within the game whether they be just minor visual issues or game-breaking exploits. With that in mind, a new bug has been discovered, by players, and it has given them quite a scare.

‘Spectate in progress’ bug

Reddit user u/bench150kg recently took to the game’s subreddit to warn other players that the game’s “spectate in progress” feature has been falsely warning/banning players. The OP even posted a screenshot of the message that he received during the match.

He also pointed out that he never teamed nor have his friends. The Redditor also stated that there are other players who have encountered the same issue claiming that those players never teamed either.

The OP further explained that this “major bug” happens whenever a player chooses to spectate a friend who is playing a solo game that’s still in progress. He went on to say that such thing makes no sense since that’s how the feature supposed to work.

Someone even commented that he got a warning and was later slapped with a one-day ban. He was left wondering what he did wrong adding that he believed that he got banned because he picked up his opponents.

At the time of writing, the post has gained a ton of upvotes (over 10,000) as Epic Games took notice of it and responded to this emerging issue.

The developer admitted that the said feature is not working as it should, though they assured their community that it will be addressed as quickly as possible.

Another bug (not too serious, though) that was also brought to light by players was an issue where skins that are still in the Battle Pass screen only use their lobby poses whenever players try to use an emote.

Some members of the subreddit jokingly described it as if the characters are doing an Italian hand gesture. Even the Ballistics Contrail seems to be bugged as well. Unlike the spectate bug, these are yet to be addressed by Epic.

In line with these, a couple of glitches were previously discovered by players, one of which made players immune to fall damage just by entering a zipline that was directly above a body of water.

The other glitch gave players an easy Nitemare Royale, not to mention that players who experienced the said glitch were also rewarded with the Storm King umbrella.

Incoming Fall-themed wrap

As for the leaks, in “Fortnite,” known dataminer HYPEX (@HYPEX) recently tweeted out that there will be an Animated Leaves Wrap in the game. He was able to grab several screenshots of it, though a definite time as to when it will be rolled out has yet to be known. The leaker also tweeted out claiming that there will be more streamers who’ll jump to other platforms.

This after he took a screenshot of eSports insider Rod Breslau’s tweet suggesting such move.