A typical videogame wouldn't be complete without its player base stumbling upon several glitches or exploits along the way. “Fortnite” is just one of many titles out there where fans frequently discover glitches while playing the game. An “overpowered glitch” has been found where players won’t take any fall damage.

‘Disabling’ fall damage

The YouTube channel of Glitch King recently uploaded a short clip showing how the glitch is done. Per the video, players need to “disable” the game’s fall damage by simply entering any zipline on the map that is above any body of water.

There are a lot of these ziplines on the map where the glitch can be performed (the YouTuber even showed their locations on the game’s new map).

As mentioned above, one must enter the zipline, jump, and fall straight into the water. According to the YouTuber, the glitch was done right if the so-called purple effect (“no fall damage effect”) is still with the character. King pointed out, however, that if you jump on the ground, the glitch will be disabled (jumping in the water won’t turn it off).

Visual/graphical glitch in both Magma and Slurp! Wraps

Aside from game-breaking glitches/exploits, players also encountered some bugs in the game. One is some sort of a visual bug in the Magma Wrap. Reddit user u/TheMewZe took to r/FortNiteBR to raise such concerns and call out Epic Games about it.

The post gained a lot of traction on the subreddit and the developer took notice of it and addressed the issue. An Epic employee responded to it and admitted that it’s “a bug rather than a design change.” The staff assured the “Fortnite” community that they are working on the said issue to make the Wrap look the way it should.

In line with this, another member of the same subreddit brought to light a similar issue with the Slurp! Wrap.

Locating loot llamas, the Tfue way

Meanwhile, known “Fortnite” pro Tfue may have figured out a way to locate those hard-to-find supply llamas in the game.

He just jumped off Battle Bus and did not immediately dive down to battle.

Instead, he stayed in the air for a bit and started pinging random areas on the map that resulted in uncovering the loot llamas.

According to Dexerto, supply llamas were “far more common” back then compared to the game’s second chapter. He added that other pro players are doing tricks similar to Tfue’s before a game. The website speculated that these items may become even more difficult to locate as Chapter 2 progresses, not to mention that more items are expected to be introduced in “Fortnite.”