Epic Games released the v11.20 update for "Fortnite Battle Royale" on Wednesday, November 20. This update was the first Chapter 2 update the video game developer has released patch notes for, and even though these notes were not detailed, they have notified players of some of the biggest changes in the game, such as the Tactical Shotgun nerf. The "Fortnite" creator has added a few more changes with the latest patch, and data miners have found a lot of new game files that show us the content that will be added in the future.

It turns out that Epic Games is planning on adding two new weapons to the game soon.

While these weapons are not new, per se, they are going to be redesigned and changed for the second chapter of "Fortnite Battle Royale." Data miners have found details about these weapons, and judging from these details, the heavy version of the assault rifle is going to be overpowered.

Heavy Assault Rifle is coming back, but there is a big problem with it

Many "Fortnite Battle Royale" players remember the Heavy Assault Rifle from Chapter 1. The weapon, which was modeled after AK-47, was added during Season 6 with the v6.22 patch. The weapon had gone through numerous changes, mostly nerfs, before it was finally vaulted with the initial patch of Chapter 2.

Before it was vaulted, the weapon dealt 38/40/42 body shot damage for its Common, Uncommon, and Rare variants respectively.

The Heavy Assault Rifle had also had an Epic and a Legendary rarity, which dealt 44 and 46 body shot damage respectively. Even though these two variants had been vaulted even before Chapter 2, the leaked variants will have identical stats.

Popular data miner Hypex has released the video which shows off the upcoming assault rifle.

As expected, the weapon will have a standard 2.0 multiplier for headshot damage, which means that the new rifle will deal 88 headshot damage with its Epic (purple) variant and 92 headshot damage with the Legendary (gold) variant.

Detailed stats of the leaked weapon

Here are the other stats for the Epic rarity of the upcoming weapon:

  • DPS: 165
  • Fire rate: 3.75 bullets per second
  • Magazine size: 25 Medium bullets
  • Reload time: 2.38 seconds
  • Structure damage: 44

The stats of the Legendary rarity are almost identical, with the exception of the damage for both players and structures, and reload time:

  • DPS: 172.5
  • Fire rate: 3.75 bullets per second
  • Magazine size: 25 Medium bullets
  • Reload time: 2.24 seconds
  • Structure damage: 46

Considering that the headshot damage will be 92, this weapon will undoubtedly be considered overpowered. However, its accuracy will most likely be relatively low, which could make it balanced.