Bungie recently published another edition of their This Week at Bungie blog post and it detailed an incoming hotfix involving “Destiny 2’s” Pinnacle gear. The developer also announced the return of Lord Saladin alongside his Iron Banner event and it was stated that they are slated to bring the “power-enabled combat” back to the Crucible. They also addressed other issues that were brought to light by their player base. One of them includes concerns about the new Exotic machine gun – the Xenophage.

‘Unintentionally underperforming’

Community Manager Cozmo responded to a Reddit user from r/DestinyTheGame where the OP posted something about the xenophage being “the biggest disappointment of Shadowkeep.” He further explained that the weapon has a tiny mag and slow rate of fire, not to mention “god awful damage.” The OP added that when used in PvP, each heavy brick gives players one kill’s worth which, according to the player is the lowest of any power weapon in “Destiny 2.”

The OP commended the Exotic a couple of times, however, for it being an “alright” weapon in Gambit and for its bullets’ explosion radius.

He went on stating that they only found the broken, twisted remains of the legendary hunter Omar Agah...and for a weapon that’s only “okay in Gambit at best.” As for his final thoughts about the Exotic, he suggested the Xenophage to crit or something to that effect and make the Xenophage worthy of the dead hunter’s legacy.

Per Cozmo’s response, he replied that he already had talks with the dev team and pointed out that the Xenophage not doing precision damage is “by design” and not a bug. However, he admitted that the weapon is not performing the way it should, adding that it’s now under investigation.

On missing lore

He also stated in another Reddit post that they’re also investigating an issue with the game’s lore tabs.

This came after a player brought it up, stating that there seems to be some missing lore from the 2.6.1 update. Cozmo said that the lore was added for the raid weapons, but there is a bug that’s not allowing it to pop up in-game.

Glimmer suggestion

Another thing that he addressed was about “Destiny 2’s” Glimmer drops as another Reddit user pitched in the idea of changing it from dropping on the ground to auto pick-up.

The OP added that it will be a lot easier to give all Glimmer drops straight to players rather than having it as a world drop. The player also raised his frame rate concerns (on console) as he believes that the Glimmer drop could be causing the problem.

Cozmo clarified, however, that Glimmer drops are not the root cause of “Destiny 2’s” performance issues on console, though he stated that this too is being looked upon.

As for the OP’s suggestion, it will be passed along among the team and went on stating that Guardians can still instantly collect their base Glimmer for kills adding that the ones that drop are bonuses.