Infinity Ward has recently released a massive update for "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare." The update, which came out on November 22, weighs 20 GB on PC, but many players are still disappointed with it. The community has asked for some big gameplay changes, and while it had seemed that this patch would bring them, it simply did not happen. The developer has posted patch notes on the official subreddit of the video game, and the thread has received many negative comments.

While the patch hasn't brought things many players have asked for, it has fixed some annoying bugs and added new options, features, and missions.

The majority of the update is about bug fixes, but there are some new multiplayer additions players will definitely like. Let's check out the major highlights of the latest update!

New content and changes added with the patch

Infinity Ward has added two new Special Operations to "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare" called Harbinger and Brimstone. Additionally, there is a three-star reward system that rewards players XP and MP after finishing a Classic Special Operation. The more stars players gain, the better rewards they will earn.

Multiplayer mode of the popular video game has received a new playlist called Realism Moshpit. The playlist includes four different game modes: Kill Confirmed, Headquarters, Hardpoint, and Domination.

Furthermore, the "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare" developer has added Gun Game mode, which is one of the most popular modes among "CoD" players. This is a free-for-all mode where players get new weapons after they kill an enemy. The developer has also reduced damage radius and lethality of the turret on Infantry Assault Vehicle killstreak.

Several in-game weapons have also been changed with the update, but most of them have only received bug fixes. FN SCAR 17 now has a slight increase in ADS time and reduction to barrel and bipod grip penalties. The game developer has also fixed the issue where a P90 would create a scope glint when equipped with FFS Ring Sight.

Bug fixes and other additions

The majority of the update is all about bug fixes, and the game developer has fixed a number of bugs, including bugs that had affected killstreaks, weapons, single-player mode, perks, leaderboards, and more. Players now have the ability to see through smoke with thermal scopes and to disable spawn camera in private matches.

Ashton Williams of Infinity Ward had announced she was "finalizing notes for 'the big update' you all keep asking about" on November 20, leading many players to believe that the update would fix some major issues with the game. However, it appears that Infinity Ward is going to take more time to address some things players have been asking about.