Last week, Studio Wildcard officially rolled out on PC “ARK: Survival Evolved’s” free content that is named “Valguero.” Alongside the map’s release is the feathered Raptor-looking dino known as the Deinonychus which is a fast and agile addition to the plethora of creatures in the game. This week’s Community Crunch blog post is still focused on the new map alongside several questions and concerns that were addressed by the game developer. These include Meshing, the ARKpocalypse wipe, and creatures in “Valguero.”

On Rock Drakes, Griffins, and Reapers

Per the blog post, a member of “Valguero’s” original creator team – Nekatus (@Nekatus) recently took to Twitter to confirm that Rock Drakes will be coming to the map.

This came after players suggested adding both the creature and the Reaper into the game. He pointed out, however, that he won’t be adding the latter. Other Survivors are musing about Griffins in the new expansion, to which the modder explained that the winged beast is a special creature of Ragnarok and that’s why he can’t include it to the map.

Ced on the recent ARKpocalypse

Wildcard Community Manager Ced, on the other hand, addressed the recent ARKpocalypse event on “Valguero.” He stated that the dev team has talked about it, though Ced pointed out that their server configuration for the ARKpocalypse wipe was “set on a cadence,” adding that they don’t want to take the risk of breaking that process.

As for “ARK’s” ongoing meshing problem, Ced tweeted that it’s “getting better even if it doesn’t seem like it.” He went on, stating that both PlayStation 4 and Xbox will suffer more than PC, but he assured their console player base that help is on the way.

Some Survivors already knew

Weeks prior to “Valguero’s” release, there are a few Survivors who already figured out that Wildcard will be introducing the modded map into the game.

Reddit user u/SinfulFrisky took to Playark subreddit to reveal a server that used Battlemetrics dubbed as “test beta” the runs the above-mentioned map. The player even noticed that there were several Wildcard employees that logged in a good bit of time. Ced took notice of the Reddit post as one of his comments reads, “I will Monday.” True enough, Community Crunch 186 officially announced Valguero as “ARK’s” newest expansion.


As mentioned, the new map also introduced the Deinonychus. The feathered dino lays its eggs throughout Valguero and stealing it from the nest is the only way to tame the new creature. Its eggs can also be hatched in the wild and the young can be claimed by players. Players deemed this creature to be pretty much powerful and hard to take down in packs.