ARK: Survival Evolved’s” Community Crunch blog post has been rolled out where it talked about memory optimizations in the game. It’s Social Roundup also tackled some of the posts that recently happened on Studio Wildcard’s social media platforms which include single player resource spawns, Primitive Plus items, and suggestions regarding breedable Griffins.

Memory optimizations explained

According to Wildcard, they recently discovered that snap points (list of connecting points for any given structure) on “ARK’s” structures were being duplicated for every single structure adding that such thing didn’t need to be.

The developer stated that they already made some tweaks about it as they further explained that it is defined by class where the structures within that class have similar genetics. With that in mind, a single wall does not need to store that information.

The developer claims that the change has saved two to four gigabytes of data on their servers as this would mean a smoother performance while playing the game. Wildcard added that this will be saved on players’ servers if they opt to run the applicable command line “-structurememopts.” They went o,n stating they would also bring these memory optimizations to both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in the near future.

Single player issues

Community Manager Jennifer Stuber, on the other hand, responded to a post over on Twitter requesting to fix some single player issues in the game specifically the resource nodes and cave spawns not popping up after players exit “ARK” before they actually respawned.

Stuber pointed out that it is not a bug adding that it prevents other Survivors from restarting the game just to get infinite loot/resources.

Primitive Plus, Griffins, and Wyverns

Another Survivor from “ARK’s” forums pitched an idea to implement Primitive Plus items to the regular “ARK.” The OP also suggested to let players have the option to build the primitive industrial stuff.

Wildcard replied that there are specific items that have been requested by players to be added in the game. However, they stated that their priority is getting Prim+ in “an enjoyable state on all platforms.” By then, they’ll be looking into some integration possibilities.

There’s also a suggestion from the community forums to make both Wyverns and Griffins “breedable” and/or “saddleable.” The OP explained that a buff is needed to non-saddled dinos in the game “to have counter options and so that the meta does not stagnate. As per the developer, making such tweak would need a rebalance since these creatures were made to be powerful endgame tames. Wildcard went on assuring their community that they’ll be keeping the request on their radar, though they stated that there are no immediate plans on rolling out such change.