Respawn Entertainment has released Season 3 of "Apex Legends" on October 1, 2019, with a huge patch. The third season, which was supposed to be released in September 2019 according to the released roadmap, has brought massive changes to the popular battle royale video game. Players can now play a whole new map, use a new legend, and even try a new weapon out that has been added with the update.

The new map is called World's Edge and it is currently the only playable map in "Apex Legends." According to the video game developer, Kings Canyon, which was the map used in the first two seasons, may be brought back to the game at some point during the season.

Many players are trying Crypto, the new legend, out as well as the Charge Rifle, the latest weapon. However, Respawn has released many other changes to the game, and some of them have drastically changed the gameplay.

Attachments and item changes

Disruptor Rounds and Skullpiercing Rifling have been completely removed from "Apex Legends" with the start of the third season. Base headshot damage for Wingman and DMR has been increased from 2.0 to 2.15 due to the removal of the second attachment. Anvil Receiver is a new hop-up which is used by Flatline and R-301. It has a gold rarity and it offers increased damage at the cost of reduced fire rate and double ammo per shot. Double Tap Trigger is another hop-up that has been added and it attaches to G7 Scout and EVA-8 Auto.

It has a purple rarity and it makes each trigger-pull fire a quick two-round burst.

Ultimate Accelerants now restore 35 percent of the ultimate ability charge, up from 20 percent, but their drop rate has been decreased by 40 percent. Gold Backpack now has a new park called Guardian Angel. Players who have this item now revive teammates with extra health and shields.

Additionally, the Gold Armor now has the Fast Use park, which had been previously used by the Gold Backpack.

Weapon changes

"For Season 3 weapon changes, our goals were to encourage and improve longer-range gunfights and reduce power on some of the weapons that have been dominating lately," is what Respawn Entertainment said regarding the Season 3 weapon changes.

The game creator has also added that there may be more changes in the future, depending on the feedback. It will be interesting to see if the development team makes more adjustments soon, but after the first look, most changes make sense and weapon loadout should be quite balanced.

R-99 had its magazine size reduced to 18/20/23/27 and recoil randomness has been added to patters. PDW Prowler has also had recoil randomness added in full-auto mode, while the Longbow DMR was nerfed with fire rate (1.6 to 1.3) and leg damage multiplier (0.9 to 0.8). G7 Scout and Hemlok were buffed as their damage was increased by four hit points. Mozambique's spread pattern has been reduced and it resets faster from recoil.

Finally, the L-STAR had its damage reduced to 19 and its horizontal recoil has been reduced as well.

Respawn has also added new gold fully-kitted weapons, including Flatline, Triple Take, and EVA-8. The new Battle Pass has also been added with the third season of the popular game and it includes cosmetic items for both Battle Pass owners and free players. Everyone who plays the season can earn five free Apex Packs, a Caustic skin, stat trackers for each legend, and a loading screen.

The season has received positive reviews so far and is currently the most popular game on Twitch. While the first two seasons haven't been really amazing, Season 3 could make "Apex Legends" even more popular!