Reigning supreme amongst the gaming community is a little game we like to call 'PUBG.' With an active player base of 500,000-2,000,000+, it's easy to see that this game has gained a lot of popularity in the short time it's been available. The game itself has sold over 30 million copies on PC and over 3 million on Xbox One, as well as won "The Best Multiplayer of the Year" award for 2017. So: Why is it so popular? This can be answered by reviewing a few key elements the game has to offer:


This is a very important thing to keep in mind when aiming for record-breaking game titles.

Often times, big titles offer rich stories and engaging interfaces without acknowledging replay value. Sure a lot of games are fun, but they only offer linear gameplay, and once it's been beaten or completed, it gets tossed to the side with every other game. PUBG addresses this by keeping each match different and going above and beyond to ensure a different outcome for every player. This, of course, is something every player dreams of.

Equal playing field

When you first start up a match, everyone is in the same boat (Or plane, quite literally). After the pre-game lobby, it's up to the player to decide what their best choice of action would be. Once the player jumps from the plane and hits the ground, they have exactly the same chance at finding a weapon and taking the win as anyone else.

It's just a matter of finding your aim and making conscious decisions to secure the victory.

Room for expansion

Sure, games are fun and all, but players need to be constantly entertained with something new and exciting. This is where BlueHole got it right. With a wide variety of weapons and terrain to be added, players get the feel of new and refreshing content quite frequently.

With several new weapons, vehicles, and one new map released already, the game shows promise for additional expansions in the near future.

Now, everyone is different. Just because I'm playing a game for a certain reason doesn't mean that the next person will play it for that reason. However, it's these key elements listed above that help create and maintain an active player base.

The developers over at BlueHole are constantly coming up with new and inventive ways to keep the players happy. But, of course, new content isn't enough if the game is littered with bugs, glitches, and hackers. Updates are released almost weekly to ensure that the player gets exactly what they paid for: the perfect gaming experience.