The power grind in “Destiny 2” is essential for players to obtain the game’s powerful rewards especially now that its new content - “Shadowkeep” is well underway. That said, the “D2” community is well aware that there’s a quicker way for their characters to reach the 900-power level provided that they have to spend some real-world cash. However, it may well seem that some players have found another way to reach that without the $20 splurge.

Power up to 900 minus the $20

Reddit user u/AWellPlacedYeet recently made a post over on the game’s subreddit telling fellow players not to pay the said amount just to get to what they call a soft cap level.

The OP claims that there’s an easy method for their secondary characters to reach 900 power without even spending a buck.

Per the OP’s post, if you have a character that has already surpassed the 900-power level mark, you can now equip your highest weapons on your secondary character. Players then need to head over to their collections and keep reacquiring the leveling gear until they need to get every piece of the set to bump them up to a higher level (it does not require a specific one, just pick any of the gear).

Other members of the sub pointed out, however, that it’s also best to hold off on claiming any of the season gear until it helps players since these “level with their characters.” The OP was also reminded that the game checks at both character and inventory of every player to determine their highest level.

In line with this, PC Gamer’s Phil Savage also provided the steps he did in reaching the 900-power level in “Destiny 2:”

  • Making a new character
  • Playing the intromission
  • Transferring the highest power guns from his main character
  • Getting the armor from Collections
  • Equipping the highest power level armor he pulled
  • Cashing in the tokens that he earned from playing either Strikes or Crucible

He added that it took him under five minutes from reaching the Tower for the first time using his Titan to reach the game’s current soft cap.

Datamined intel about the Dungeon

Meanwhile, another Reddit user – u/Zenthon127 - took to r/raidsecrets to show a couple of things that he discovered. Per the datamined intel, it consists of two UI icons. One having the Taken King symbol, while the other is Fallen-themed.

The OP further explained that both match the Shattered Throne icon which designates a dungeon. He added that Oryx’s symbol showing up for Season 8’s dungeon would be making sense since the lore around attempts to revive either him or summon his nightmare version.

The other icon seems to hint at a possible Fallen dungeon in the future. Zenthon added that this could mean that the dungeon is dealing with Variks who has been trying to rebuild the House of Judgment and lead the Eliksni reunification, competing with Mithrax and the Devils.