If there is a game that has generated interest among Pokémon coaches over the last few months, it's "Pokémon Stars." The alleged version of "Pokémon Sun And Moon" for the Nintendo Switch appeared for the first time as a rumor back in November, which continued with certain job offers published by Game Freak. Now, a series of moves by Nintendo has led to speculation of an upcoming official announcement for the Nintendo Switch.

And, as we can see in Polygon, Nintendo has withdrawn from its American and Japanese channels the Nintendo direct, with the official presentation of "Pokémon Sun and Moon." Nintendo is not known to withdraw the videos of their games, which could imply that the company has prepared a presentation for a new version of their game.

'Pokémon Stars' in a new Nintendo direct?

This has generated all kinds of comments among the Pokémon fan community, with speculation of an imminent official presentation of "Pokémon Stars" in a new Nintendo direct. There has been no official confirmation yet regarding a version of "Pokémon Sun and Moon" for the Nintendo Switch, as it may be necessary to wait until E3 2017 for more information.

Will 'Pokemon Stars' become a reality?

"Pokemon Stars" will likely be a complementary title, which will likely bring new content and more creatures. Of course, neither Nintendo nor the Pokémon company have commented any further on the subject. That said, however, and with E3 2017 so close, rumor and speculation seems to point to the fact that the company likely does have something up its sleeve -- something that will likely be unveiled at the annual event this year.

Pokémon in general has proven to be timeless -- for all ages and all types of players. Whether its collecting and playing with the trading cards, playing the various video games, or playing the latest incarnation developed by Niantic ("Pokemon GO"), the franchise has proven time and again that it has something for everyone, and it's a franchise that keeps its fans wanting more.