Epic Games added many new features to "Fortnite Battle Royale" with the release of Chapter 2 on Tuesday, October 15. The popular video game has received a massive overhaul which has resulted in increased popularity and good feedback by the community. The video game developer has completely changed the game, making it feel fresh and new, and the Battle Pass has also received major changes.

What makes the Chapter 2 Battle Pass unique is the leveling system. "Fortnite Battle Royale" players don't have to earn Battle Stars to level it up anymore. Instead, everything revolves around Season XP, and there are many different ways of earning it in the game.

Besides completing challenges and earning XP for certain in-game actions, players can fill a medal punchcard in Chapter 2, which rewards them with additional XP every single day. However, players are still confused about how the punchcard works, and this article explains it in a simple way.

Punchcard provides additional XP every single day

To get additional XP from the Medal punchcard, players have to perform certain actions to earn medals. Every medal has three levels (bronze, silver, and gold), and once players earn the last level of each medal, they will have to wait for the next day for their daily punchcard bonus to reset. There are 10 punchcard slots in the game and they can be filled with any medals.

Earning a medal usually rewards players with 2,000 XP, while completing fifth and 10th medal yields 4,000 XP each.

These are all medals that can be currently earned in the first season of "Fortnite Battle Royale" Chapter 2:

  • First match: Playing the first game of the day unlocks this medal
  • Scavenger: To earn this medal, players have to search for three (bronze), seven (silver), or 10 (gold) chests, llamas, or supply drops
  • Battle: Eliminating one, four, and eight players in a match unlocks this medal
  • Survivor: Reaching top 50, 25, and 10 in a match is the requirement to earn the medal
  • Sniper: To unlock it, players have to get a long-distance sniper elimination from at least 100 meters
  • Fishing: The easiest medal which can be earned by fishing with a pole

In order to unlock the gold tier of any medal, players will have to perform better in a match.

For example, eliminating one enemy will unlock a bronze tier of the Battle medal and players can upgrade it to the gold tier by eliminating eight players in one match.

Bonus leveling up tip

Almost every useful action in "Fortnite Battle Royale" rewards players with bonus XP. Epic Games has released a patch that allows players to loot chests and ammo boxes after destroying them, but it is important to note that only searching these two will grant bonus XP. Considering that most players loot at least three or four chests in every match, and at least as many ammo boxes, it is important to loot them the right way.