Season X of "Fortnite Battle Royale" is about to enter its final week and players are eagerly waiting for a season-ending event. As many players have already predicted, the major event will happen at Dusty Depot. More specifically, the Scientist will launch the rocket that was built in one of the warehouses. This event will be similar to the Rocket Launch event that happened at the end of Season 4, and it will once again bring massive changes to the in-game world.

Players have expected the event to happen on either September 28 or October 5 since Epic Games mostly releases major events on Saturday.

However, the tenth season of the popular video game has been extended by a week, which means that the event will be delayed. As data miners had previously revealed, a countdown has appeared about Dusty Depot, and when the countdown reaches zero, the season-ending event will start.

The great ending of the season

Unlike in the previous seasons, the Season X ending event will occur on Sunday, October 13. According to Epic Games, this is the date when the season will end, which means that the event will be huge and should bring us huge changes to the game. On Saturday, October 5, the "Fortnite Battle Royale" developer has released an in-game countdown above Dusty Depot, indicating that the event will happen in around eight days.

When the timer reaches zero, players will be able to experience the event live in the game.

A similar thing happened during the Cattus vs. Mecha fight at the end of Season 9. There was a countdown above each sky platform in the game, and when it reached zero, the event had started. What made this event somewhat unique is that it was limited to a fixed zone that appeared around Loot Lake.

According to data miners, the upcoming event will have another fixed zone, and this time it will be between Dusty Depot and Loot Lake.

The event countdown will reach zero on Sunday, October 13, at 2 PM Eastern Time. Epic Games has revealed that the current season will end at this exact same time, which means that servers will most likely go down right after the event.

The new map

Data miners have discovered 11 new points of interest in the game data, and we believe that Epic Games will release a new map for Season 11. While big changes to the map are a cool idea, the truth is that "Fortnite Battle Royale" players want a different map as the current one has been used for 10 seasons.

Considering that the season will end with the event, we can expect the current map to be destroyed, either by the meteor above Dusty Depot or by the rocket in this area. It could be the biggest "Fortnite Battle Royale" event ever, so make sure you are online to watch it live!