A few days ago, Bungie released the patch notes for “Destiny 2’s” update where it brought in some massive changes in the game’s Sandbox. Players are now discovering powerful builds because of this as one of them involves the Titan’s Exotic leg armor – Peregrine Greaves. Also, the developer recently took to their social media channels to address some stuff about today’s World First race.

Peregrine Greaves + One-Two Punch

Titan mains may have been waiting for this day to arrive as the Peregrine Greaves is now procing with the One-Two Punch perk.

According to "D2" YouTuber Aztecross Gaming, there are shotguns in the game that has the said perk where it grants players with increased melee damage for a short duration provided that they hit an enemy with every pellet in a shot. Now, imagine pairing that with the leg armor’s Intrinsic perk which is Peregrine Strike. Per its description, all shoulder charge abilities – Seismic Strike, Hammer Strike, and Shield Bash deal bonus damage when these are activated mid-air.

Now that such mash-up is now possible in the game, Titans can now shoot their shotties in the air and perform a shoulder charge. Prior to these changes, players will have to do a slide, shoot their shotguns, before proceeding to do a shoulder charge.

He recently uploaded a video about this and compared it to other weapons in the game while playing in PvE. In the video, both Deathbringer and Izanagi’s Burden did pack quite a wallop against poor Greg (Golmuut), but none of those two came close to the greaves’ damage output, not to mention that it does not include the shotgun’s damage.

That said, the YouTuber went on predicting that today’s World First race in the Garden of Salvation raid might consist of teams of Titans donning the said loadout. However, this doesn’t seem to be the case.

Bungie may well seem to be aware of what Aztecross calls “borderline broken” loadout as they’ve addressed it on their recent tweet.

According to them, the Peregrine Greaves, alongside the Hunter’s Sealed Ahamkara Grasps and Jötunn will be disabled game-wide for 24 hours after the launch of the Garden of Salvation raid.

The Jötunn

The Jötunn, on the other hand, was previously discovered to contain a bug making it one of the most broken items in “Destiny 2.” Some players who pointed out, however, that the issue has been with the weapon for quite a while now and this is the only time that it went mainstream.

The Exotic’s bug is very much evident when a Guardian fires it towards an enemy so close that they too get hit. This, for some reason, makes Jötunn’s damage way too powerful. This prompted “Destiny 2Game Director Luke Smith to announce back in September that the overpowered toaster will be disabled from the Garden of Salvation raid adding that the dev team has already identified the issue with the weapon and will be rolling out a fix in future updates.