Ever since “Destiny 2: Shadowkeep” went live, Guardians have come across numerous new exploits and cheeses in the game as most of these gave them huge advantages over their enemies especially those ads in PvE. A couple of exploits have been discovered by players yet again where they can get substantial amounts of damage and resistance bonuses in the Garden of Salvation raid while the other can easily eliminate immune enemies on the same raid.

Damage/Resistance bonus in the Garden of Salvation

The YouTube channel of Cheese Forever alongside fellow “Destiny 2” players have tested this so-called exploit that granted them increased damage output and damage resistance throughout the raid.

According to him, players need a Relay Defender and probably an Enhanced Relay Defender raid mod. He added that these can be put on any armor affinity provided that it has the Undying Armor mod slot. It also requires three pieces of gear that have Enhanced Relay Defender and another three with regular Relay Defender. Cheese also stated that players have the option to switch out on the same three pieces of armor adding that these mods stack.

Further, he explained that a five percent damage increase per relay mod will be given to players while they’re next to relays. The enhanced version, on the other hand, gives out a 10 percent buff.

Cheese pointed out, however, that this trick can only be done during the raid’s first encounter and after every wipe, since those relays are only present during the activity’s second, third, and fourth encounters.

What’s good about this exploit is that it stacks two regular and two enhanced relay buffs without the requisite of getting very near a relay (Guardians still need to trigger it using a relay though). The clip even showed the process of how to stack up those damage bonuses while running the raid.

The Colony’s ‘Enlightened Cheese’

Another cheese was also discovered by Reddit users where it can eliminate immune enemies within the GoS raid without having the Enlightenment buff. Players just need to bring with them the Exotic Grenade Launcher – the Colony. This is very much similar to the Crown of Sorrow raid where Guardians used the same weapon in eliminating the immune Hive Knights in the said activity.

Per the OP’s post, players will just have to shoot an immune Vex unit at point-blank range resulting in the add getting either heavily damaged or getting eliminated in a single shot. Cheese also featured it on a separate video pointing out that the explosion caused by the Exotic can even take out multiple shields and it also works best in what the YouTuber calls a “save the day scenario.” He also said that switching from a heavy weapon to the Colony can also help in keeping the fireteam from getting wiped.