The power and loot grind in “Destiny 2” is on now that its “Shadowkeep” expansion is well underway. Alongside it are some neat tricks and interesting finds that were stumbled upon by Guardians while playing the game. A couple of them are ways on how to get through the first encounter in the Garden of Salvation and a phase three raid cheese. Also, known “D2” data miner Ginsor came across several upcoming weapons that are believed to be rolled out in a future activity in the game.

Skipping Garden of Salvation’s first encounter

“Destiny 2” players may well be already aware of this as there is a way to skip the Garden of Salvation’s first encounter.

The YouTube channel of glitchtutorial uploaded a video about it a few days ago where he provided a walkthrough on how to get a pass through the first encounter.

He also showed a so-called raid chest glitch, though he hypothesized that there could be a check whenever players open the chest. to know they completed the first encounter or not. He further explained that players who completed it will be rewarded with gear. Or, they might only get a mod that is unique to the raid alongside some Vex materials.

In line with this, there are other Guardians who also took to YouTube to show their versions of skipping the raid’s first encounter. Reddit user u/ZezusAFK’s clip showed a different path claiming that his path is the “best and easiest route for any class,” not to mention that he did not go under the barrier.

Pushing Sol Inherent in Phase 3 a.k.a. the Atheon Cheese

Another YouTuber – Cheese Forever – posted a video showing how to knock the Consecrated Mind off the map and eliminate it eventually. Also known as the “Atheon cheese,” the YouTuber claims that it happened by accident to several raiders and he was able to recreate the said trick with the help of a fellow Guardian.

To do this phase three trick, players need to choose the Hunter’s top tree Nightstalker. Both Gambler’s Dodge and the Sixth Coyote Exotic chest armor are also optional. Next is to throw a smoke grenade in a certain hallway. If the Consecrated Mind turns its sights towards the smoke, the boss will likely to fall to his death.

Cheese further explained that the reason behind it is that the boss could be treating the ‘nade as an enemy and by the time the smoke is gone, it’s bye-bye time for Sol.

He pointed out, however, that the cheese requires a bit of luck adding that the said boss does not go to that death trap that often. Cheese also said that players need to make it to the damage phase for the game to recognize that Sol has been eliminated.

Destiny 2’s” Season of the Undying still has a very long way to go. It is also expected that a lot of these will be stumbled upon by Guardians in the coming weeks.