Epic Games has brought many changes to "Fortnite Battle Royale" with the latest update. The v10.30 patch, which was released on September 11, has drastically changed the in-game island by adding two new Rift Zones. "Fortnite" players can once again visit Greasy Grove, but it has been turned into a "taco zone," where everyone dances from time to time and is unavailable to enter combat or take damage. Moisty Mire was also added, but only partially. It has been mixed with Paradise Palms and turned into the zone called Moisty Palms.

Two other features have been added with the patch, but they hadn't been enabled immediately.

The Item Shop voting feature was enabled on September 11 at 8 PM Eastern Time, 16 hours after the patch was released. Another feature has been implemented, which is a social ban, but it appears that it hasn't been enabled yet.

Social ban came with the update, but no one knows what it does

The "Fortnite Battle Royale" developer has added a lot of new files to the game data, even though some of these files haven't been officially released. While most of these files are related to upcoming cosmetic items, it turns out that Epic Games has implemented the social ban feature in the game. At the moment, no one knows exactly what the feature does, but it is clear that players will be punished while affected by this ban.

Popular data miner Lucas7yoshi has shared this feature on his Twitter account, revealing that it could be enabled very soon. "SOCIAL BAN ACTIVE" is one of the strings the data miner has found in the game data. "Chat disabled due to social ban," is another string, and it implies that players will have their chat disabled during the social ban.

The social ban could mute players in both text and audio chat, and players are hoping that it will also prevent banned players from joining custom lobbies.

Considering that it's called a social ban, it most likely means that players will be able to ban their teammates who misbehave. For example, players who sabotage their teammates or use foul language could be reported to Epic Games for this ban.

Players not happy with the new changes

While many "Fortnite Battle Royale" players are excited that the Tactical Submachine Gun was brought back to the game, the return of Greasy Grove and Moisty Mire hasn't received positive feedback. Players are forced to dance in Greasy Grove from time to time, which is annoying. On the other side, entering Moisty Palms turns the game into a prop hunt, allowing players to use the crouch button to turn themselves into a prop. There is no doubt that these two zones would be better off without these features, and we are hoping they will be removed soon.