The v10.30 patch for "Fortnite Battle Royale" was released on September 11 and it brought many new things to the game. As expected, Moisty Mire and Greasy Grove have returned as Rift Zones, and Epic Games made a few other map changes, including one at Dusty Depot. In addition to this, the biggest gameplay change was the unveiling of the Tactical Submachine Gun and the unveiling of the Burst SMG.

The new Item Shop feature may be the biggest addition from the latest patch, but we have yet to see how it will work. The "Fortnite Battle Royale" developer has decided to let players vote for cosmetic items that appear in the in-game store, and the first vote will take place during the next Item Shop reset on September 11 at 8 PM Eastern Time.

How to vote for cosmetic items

According to Epic Games, the community will be able to vote for one cosmetic item that will be brought back to the Item Shop. There will be a Community Choice slot in the store, which will contain the cosmetic items that received the most votes from "Fortnite Battle Royale" players. There is no doubt that this is an amazing feature as it will benefit both the community and the game developer.

"For each Community Choice event, you can vote once a day in support of the item you want to see return. While your daily vote is locked once you confirm a choice, you can vote for other items on any following days for the duration of the event. Be sure to log in each day to get a new vote and show your support!" Epic Games wrote in a blog post.

At the end of the countdown, all votes will be counted and the winning item will be available in the cosmetic items shop for a limited time.

Players will be given their first vote opportunity during the first reset of the Item Shop after the v10.30 patch. If you would like to see your favorite cosmetic item return to the store, make sure you log in to the game at 8 PM Eastern Time and cast your vote!

At the moment, it is unknown how much time players will have to vote for items and how long the winning item will be available for purchase, but we will find more information soon.

More details

Data miners have found a lot of details regarding the voting system, and it appears players will be given much more than just voting.

According to information found in the game data, some of the cosmetic items will have a limited quantity and could be sold out quickly. In addition to this, the "event items" string was found, which indicates that we might be receiving some event-exclusive items, such as the Summer Drift, the Doublecross, and more.

It is very unlikely that players will be able to vote on every single cosmetic item that has appeared in the Item Shop, but if it happens, there is no doubt that the rarest skins, such as the Ghoul Trooper or the Codename E.L.F., will return to the store. Furthermore, Season 1 and Battle Pass cosmetic items will probably be unavailable for voting as the "Fortnite Battle Royale" developer has made it clear that these items will never return.

At the moment, we don't have many other details regarding the newest in-game feature. However, we will be able to test it out in just a few hours, and it will be interesting to see what cosmetic item will be the first one to be brought back as the Community Choice. Many players have noticed that the Item Shop has received a new look with the v10.30 patch, and this was most likely done to adapt it to the voting system, and players can't wait to try it out!