"Fortnite: Battle Royale" released one of Season X's most anticipated updates on 11th September which focused mostly on map changes and the return of its classic point-of-interests. "Fortnite" patch v10.30 saw the return of Greasy Grove and The Prison, as well as, the addition of "Moisty Palms" which is a mixed version of the classic Moisty Mire and Paradise Palms buildings. While players are excited about the new and old locations, Epic Games is preparing for a big event before Season 11 because a scaffolding has appeared on one of the depots in Dusty Depot and it seems like some sort of construction is going to take place there.

While it is rumored that The Visitor might be building the Rocket from Season 4 again at Dusty Depot, new leaks have revealed that the next big event, which might be another Rocket Launch event, will bring new locations and POIs to "Fortnite" island. If that's the case, then players might finally get a whole new map for Season 11 of "Fortnite: Battle Royale."

New 'Fortnite' Season 11 lore

The current "Fortnite" lore, which has been a domino effect since the first Meteor event, might finally come to an end with the upcoming event because new leaks suggest that the whole map might get a revamp if it turns out to be true. Famous "Fortnite" dataminer Lucas7Yoshi has revealed not one, not two, but a total of 12 new Named Locations after going through the game files of the latest patch.

While twelve new Named Locations, in addition to the current locations of the map, might mean a much larger scale map, it's highly unlikely due to the battle royale mechanics of the game. Instead, Epic Games might get rid of some of the current Named Locations and replace them with new ones. This change also gives "Fortnite" a fitting opportunity to wrap up the current lore and kick off a new plotline in the game.

Here's the list of all the new locations found in the game files:

New Rocket model

The new patch introduced a minor change to one of the structures of Dusty Depot and "Fortnite" leaker FortTory has already given us the first look at the next major change that if about to happen at Dusty Depot.

The leaker revealed that Dusty Depot will soon house a Rocket which is going to be similar to the one from Season 4. Furthermore, the leaker was able to replace the current model of Dusty Depot with the new model and shared screenshots on Twitter. Here's how the new Dusty Depot with the Rocket is going to look like:

"Fortnite's" popularity died down a bit ever since the addition of the dreaded BRUTEs to the game but it seems like Epic Games is redeeming for their mistakes with a whole new map. We'll find out soon if the leaks are right or wrong since there's less than a month remaining till the end of Season X.