Turner Tenney, better known as "Tfue," has been making a lot of headlines in the past few months. This streamer, who has gained a lot of popularity with "Fortnite Battle Royale," has been dealing with a lot of drama lately, both with his former esports organization and his teammates and friends. Recently, the popular gamer missed out on big money, and he blames his friend for it.

EA Sports released "Madden NFL 20" in August 2019, and the company has been trying to promote the game and make it popular. Just like many other game developers, EA Sports has contacted big Twitch streamers to stream their game and promote it to their followers.

Tfue turned down the offer from the "Madden NFL 20" developer because he wanted to practice "Fortnite Battle Royale" Arena trios. However, his friends, Cloak and 72hrs, were not on the same page, and instead of practicing, they had sponsored streams, which made Tfue upset.

The streamer could have made a lot of money

Dennis "Cloak" Lepore and Thomas "72hrs" Mulligan were Tfue's Arena Trio partners in "Fortnite Battle Royale." As many players already know, Epic Games has weekly cash prize tournaments in the game. Players can win rewards in both Arena Solo and Arena Trios modes every week, and this is what Tfue and his team were competing for.

However, Tfue has posted a tweet about finding new partners for the competitive Trios mode in "Fortnite Battle Royale." This came as a surprise considering that he already had a team of three players, but the popular streamer explained the situation during his live stream.

He has revealed what Cloak and 72hrs did, and that he has missed out on a lot of money because of them.

"Madden offered me over $140,000 to play their game, and I declined because I thought we were going to play the tournament this weekend, and they took the offer without telling me last second," is what the streamer said regarding the situation.

The streamer will rejoin trio, but only if they pay him

Tfue is open to rejoining his trio team, but according to him, Cloak and 72hrs will have to pay him if they want him back. "So if they want to pay me the money that I lost, then I'm down," Tenney said on his stream. If that doesn't happen, then he is not interested in playing with the two of them anymore.

Both Cloak and 72hrs shared their own thoughts regarding the situation. Mulligan said he was willing to even cancel the deal with EA Sports to play in the tournament, but there was no communication between him and his partner. Cloak claims it was entirely Tfue's decision to turn the money down, so it is not his fault that it happened. “What kind of idiot are you to decline $140K?" the streamer said.