Game developer Epic Games has just rolled out a new blog post where they announced that come update v10.40, they’ll be implementing a new matchmaking system in “Fortnite: Battle Royale” that would let players be pitted against other players that almost have the same skill set as they do. While most of the “FNBR” community is having mixed opinions about the upcoming change, there are others who are irked with a bug that they stumbled upon involving the Junk Rifts and default skins.

Invincible defaults

The issue was brought to light over on Reddit by streamer Drama Llama Nite where he posted one of his clips showing the bug.

Per the video, the streamer spotted an opponent with default skin and attempted to eliminate that player using the Junk Rift. However, by the time the consumable dropped off its heavy load, the items did not inflict any damage to the default, not to mention that the huge anchor remained suspended in the air.

Drama Llama got the same result the second time he hurled another Junk Rift towards the player. He eventually gave up as the streamer can be heard saying, “well okay, I think fate’s decreed that that default needs to live.”

The streamer managed to chip off some of the player’s health, though, when he shot it with his weapon. That said, it is still uncertain if these defaults are immune to other weapons in the game.

At the time of writing, Epic has yet to address the said issue.

Console’s stutter problem

In line with this, console players also encountered another bug after the so-called Gotham update went live in the game. Reddit user u/nitroslayer7 took to r/FortNiteBR to raise such concern stating that Saturday’s update made consoles “hitch incredibly bad.” The OP added he hadn’t experienced such issue before on console and went on to state that it made the BR shooter “very hard to play.”

Both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players commented that they too are experiencing the stutter while playing the game.

Even players over on Switch confirmed that the bug has also plagued the handheld platform. Just like the default mentioned above skin bug, Epic hasn’t addressed this emerging issue.

Bots are coming

Meanwhile, the latest blog post that Epic published also announced that they will be introducing bots in the game. Further, the game maker explained that these bots would behave similarly to that of normal players adding that it “will help provide a better path for players to grow in skill.” Epic also stated that these bots will be working in conjunction with the updated matchmaking feature meaning players will be encountering lesser bots as their skill improves. The developer pointed out, however, that the bots will not be present in “Fortnite’s” Competitive playlists.