Bungie has just rolled out the launch trailer for “Destiny 2’s” next expansion - “Shadowkeep” where Guardians are heading back to the Moon to check on some strange stuff happening there. The developer made a bit of clarification, however, to a certain part of the clip that might cause some confusion to their player base. Also, players may well seem to have discovered a secret message that was embedded within the Mars Community Event emblem that got them putting on their tinfoil hats.

Cozmo clarifying about the Trials armor

Community Manager Cozmo responded to a comment over on Reddit about a Trials of the Nine armor that was spotted during the launch trailer for the DLC.

According to him, the armor was shown as an error, adding that the said armor set is not available to be earned during “Destiny 2’s” Season of the Undying which will also go live next week. He pointed out, though, that players who already have the armor’s year one version are still able to equip it in-game. He went on apologizing, adding that they didn’t want to set the wrong expectations. For those who might be wondering, the armor in question can be seen at the 1:12 mark of the trailer.

Other ‘Shadowkeep’ items spotted

That said, the new “Shadowkeep” clip also teased several weapons that are expected to be introduced come next week.

There’s a weapon that’s likely to be a shotgun at 0:53 that looks like Hive in origin (though some say it’s more of a shotty version of the Whisper of the Worm). The sniper hand cannon that is Eriana’s Vow was also spotted in that video alongside the Xenophage LMG.

Sparrows were also seen early on in the trailer. Players noticed that one is without a doubt inspired by the Exotic Fusion Rifle – Jotunn while the other looks like it’s copied from the Fighting Lion.

Mars Community Emblem’s hidden message?

Meanwhile, a “Destiny 2” player may well seem to have discovered a message hidden in the so-called Mars Community Emblem that was rewarded to players who participated and completed the event. Reddit user u/JohnPublic posted about it on the Raid Secrets subreddit and he stated that a fellow player pointed out to him that the emblem looked like a spectrogram.

The OP did a test to it and retrieved an interesting result. If the four-second audio is anything to go by, it seems like someone is saying “I’m in trouble.” Another Reddit user pointed out that the voice is sort of similar to the whispers that can be heard within the Cabal ship interiors (the one that says, “I saw it happened”). Forbes’ Paul Tassi even wrote an article about it and was able to clip that part of his gameplay.

Get ready Guardians. “Destiny 2: Shadowkeep” will go live this October 1.