Epic Games has released another "Fortnite Battle Royale" hotfix on September 5. The v10.20.2 hotfix has released several changes to the game, and these changes will force players to adjust their play and adapt to the new strategies. The hotfix has brought back one weapon, but it has also removed three different weapons from the game. In addition to this, Retail Row has been slightly nerfed, while the Peppers foraged item has been buffed.

The Combat Shotgun finally been eliminated, and this change may not be accepted well by the community. This shotgun was by far the most superior close-range weapon and most players loved it.

However, it is no longer available in the game, and players will have to choose another weapon for close-range combat, such as the Pump Shotgun or the Tactical Shotgun.

Eliminated weapons

The Combat Shotgun was added to "Fortnite Battle Royale" at the start of Season 9. This weapon was immediately considered overpowered due to its range and fire rate. No other shotgun was able to eliminate players from over 50 meters, and its fire rate made it a must-have weapon at any stage of the game. Later on, Epic Games had nerfed the weapon to only have a 1.3x headshot multiplier, but even then, the majority of players picked the Combat Shotgun over any other close-range weapon.

Besides this shotgun, the video game developer has also vaulted the Drum Shotgun.

While this weapon had an amazing fire rate, a lot of players refused to use it due to its recoil and short range. Without a doubt, this was the worst shotgun in the game, and that is why it has been eliminated. Right now, players can pick between the Pump Shotgun and the Tactical Shotgun. The Pump is available to one-shot enemies, while the Tactical variant has a faster fire rate and can deal up to 175 headshot damage.

Finally, the Proximity Launcher has also been eliminated. This weapon wasn't as popular as other explosive weapons, such as the Rocket Launcher or the Grenade Launcher, but it was still viable. Many players considered it overpowered since it required no aim, and it wasn't a good addition to the competitive modes.

Other changes

The Suppressed Assault Rifle has been brought back to "Fortnite Battle Royale." The Silenced SCAR comes back in its two original variants, Epic and Legendary. In addition to this, the Automatic Sniper Rifle had its damage buffed from 31/33/35 to 40/42/44.

Aside from the weapon changes, Epic Games has also buffed the Peppers foraged item to last for 60 seconds, up from 20 seconds. Once again, spawn rates of the BRUTE mechs have been nerfed in the third to the sixth circle, and the maximum number of Obelisks has been reduced to five in Retail Row.