Destiny 2” community will finally delve into the game’s third year and experience the new contents in “Season of the Undying” in October. Bungie also dropped some bits and teases of the things Guardians should expect next month during this year’s PAX West. One of these includes an armor mod that got some of the attendees interested in the “Shadowkeep” raid.

Enhanced Voltaic Mote Collector

Reddit user u/ZAXsavvy recently took to r/DestinyTheGame to show a snapshot that came from PAX. The image shows an upcoming mod dubbed Enhanced Voltaic Mote Collector which is an Undying Armor mod.

What made it interesting is its description which states that it’s only active during the “Garden of Salvation” raid. Additionally, it was also noted that Guardians will be gaining an overshield after they’ve collected five Motes. It went on, noting that the armor mod’s effect does not stack with other copies of the said mod.

The mod in question pretty much provided a hint at the upcoming “Shadowkeep” activity and it may well seem that Bungie’s dev team has added a Gambit mechanic in the raid event. Details about the so-called Voltaic Mote are still undisclosed, however.

Relay Defender

Another Undying Armor mod was also spotted during the event. Per the image, the mod’s called a Relay Defender which is also only active during the “Garden of Salvation” raid.

It states that players will be getting increased weapon damage while within five meters of an active Vex Relay. Unlike the Enhanced Voltaic Mote Collector, players can stack up multiple copies of the mod to further increase its effects.

That said, it is expected that more mods will be rolled out by the time “Destiny 2: Shadowkeep” goes live.

It is also a good move by Bungie that they are bringing back raid-specific perks via these motes, not to mention that Armor 2.0 is coming to the game.

Meanwhile, the developer posted its weekly "This Week at Bungie" blog where it featured the upcoming armor sets that will be rolled out alongside the “Shadowkeep” expansion next month.

Six armor sets have been revealed for each of the game’s character classes (Titan, Hunter, Warlock) and details on how to get these were also posted:

  • Dreambane Armor Set – can be obtained from activities on the Moon.
  • Garden of Salvation Raid Armor – from the Garden of Salvation raid
  • Substitutional Armor – players can get it through seasonal activities and on both free and premium Season Rank rewards.
  • Phenotype Plasticity Universal Ornament Set – can be obtained from premium Season Rank rewards
  • Empyrean Cartographer Universal Ornament Set – can be acquired through Tess’ Eververse Store
  • Iron Will Armor – by participating in Iron Banner

“Destiny 2: Shadowkeep” will officially kick off this October 1.