''Fortnite'' and ''It'' will finally meet thanks to the idea of Epic Games. The novelty goes hand in hand with the release of the second installment of the remake of ''It'', the masterpiece of Stephen King. For this occasion, Epic Games team has decided to dedicate a horror event on ''Fortnite''.

The news was confirmed by a video posted on Twitter of a player of the Battle Royale. Creepy red balloons, the iconic symbol of Pennywise, can be found at different points on the map. The locations where the balloons are located have already been revealed.

Below are the details.

Epic Games makes arrive 'It' in 'Fortnite'

What do you see in the video published by the player of the Battle Royale? It seems that the arrival of ''It'' in ''Fortnite'' is confirmed. Some red balloons appear on the map. As we know, the red balloon is the iconic symbol of Pennywise, ready to terrorize the children of the city. Once the balloon explodes, a shower of appears on the screen. The mephistophelean laughter of ''It'' helps to make the atmosphere even darker.

Please note that the official team has not yet confirmed a correlation between the release of ''It - Chapter 2'' in cinemas and the introduction of the clown in ''Fortnite''. However, the launch seems to be coming soon.

On 'Fortnite' come the red balloons of 'It'

It is not the first time ''Fortnite'' launches novelties in conjunction with cross-over. There have been collaborations with the releases of ''Stranger Things'', ''Kohn Wik'' and ''Avengers''. This time, it seems that the absolute protagonist is ''It,'' the clown with the red balloons children's nightmare.

The island of ''Fortnite'' has provided the typical red balloons, a symbol of Pennywise. The balloons can be found next to the drainage channels and near the sidewalks. The video published by the player of Battle Royale has become viral and the gamers are wondering what other interesting news will come from the team of Epic Games.

Where to find 'It' red balloons in 'Fortnite'

Where are the iconic red balloons? The locations to look for are the Pacific Park, the Paradise Palm Grove, Borgo Bislacco and the Trade Course. It also seems that the data miner has managed to discover a skin dedicated entirely to the clown Pennywise ''Fortnite''. We don't know yet how to get this skin.

Without a doubt, the introduction of ''It'' in ''Fortnite'' will be an interesting novelty, but there has been no lack of criticism. A horror game doesn't seem to suit the little ones. The evil clown will create quite a stir in ''Fortnite'' and the Battle Royale team could introduce other novelties. We just have to wait for more updates. Stay tuned.