Destiny 2” players are by now rocking the fan-favorite Exotic Pulse Rifle –the Bad Juju as they turn those enemies into space dust. That said, there are players out there who began noticing something bizarre while using the returning Exotic. There’s also another version of the so-called infinite super glitch that was recently discovered within the game’s Tribute Hall and the Bad Juju quest. Bungie, on the other hand, recently addressed players having what the developers call an Exotic hand cannon fatigue.

'Necrochasm' explosion

Reddit user u/TheOnlyChou posted a short YouTube clip over on the Raid Secrets subreddit where it showed something unusual while using the Bad Juju.

If both the OP’s claim and video are anything to go by, the reinstated Exotic caused an explosion and it seemed to only occur while he had a String of Curses x5. This was observed by the player while he was farming for the pulse rifle’s catalyst and he also stated that it made a “hive-ish sound effect.” That said, the player’s not quite sure if that is a bug or just a normal thing with the weapon. He also pointed out that he’s not using the Chromatic Fire when the explosion happened.

Members of the subreddit commented that they too experienced it while using their Jujus and they’re also wondering why it happens. Some believe that it’s not a bug adding that something is triggering the explosion, though they’re not sure what it is.

There are others who stated that it could be a hidden perk of the Exotic as they mentioned several weapons in the game with special perks that aren’t listed.

Dodging to refill

Meanwhile, players recently discovered a glitch within the game’s Tribute Hall where they can perform infinite supers. There’s another version of it that can also be performed on that same area where it allows players to do an unlimited Arc Staff supers.

The trick is similar to the first glitch minus the gear swap step. Start off by filling Hunter’s super and activate it once it’s full. Refill another round of super and wait until the sound indicating that it is full can be heard. Instead of swapping gears, players just need to do a dodge to fully restore their super.

YouTuber glitchtutorial stated on his latest upload that this particular glitch was discovered about a year ago by another “Destiny 2” player - bakengangsta.

He added that this can be done on both PC and consoles with no problems.

Exotic Hand Cannon Fatigue

In other "D2" topics, Community Manager Cozmo recently addressed their player base’s feedback regarding hand cannons outnumbering every Exotic weapon type in the game. He assured them that he’ll let the dev team know that what he calls an "Exotic Hand Cannon Fatigue" is a thing within the community. He went on asking players what archetypes they would like to see more Exotics in future updates.