Bungie folks are at Guardian Con and they have rolled out details about “Destiny 2’s” upcoming expansion dubbed “Shadowkeep.” There was also some interesting stuff spotted in the event such as a replica of a yet-to-be-released machine gun. What makes it intriguing is under its hood as the people who made the model showed what could be its energy source.

Bug-powered Exotic machine gun

The YouTube channel of FireteamChat was also at Guardian Con where they stumbled upon a fellow (named Eric) who’s one of the founders of the company known as AurumFX that specializes in effects and fabrication of specialty props, weapons, characters, and miniatures.

Eric showcased their latest project which is the mystery Exotic machine gun that is expected to be rolled out alongside “Destiny 2’s” “Shadowkeep” DLC. According to him, the new weapon’s name has yet to be disclosed by Bungie including its lore and how players are going to get it in the game. However, it may well seem that Bungie let them in on a secret as he revealed what’s inside the unnamed Exotic – an insect-looking creature inside an amber-like crystal. There’s even some sort of tubing attached to the crystal that is believed to be siphoning energy from the crystalized insect.

Eric even described that some of the Exotic’s parts were quite “Vexy” to him, while the attendees who saw it speculated that the weapon could be Hive in nature.

He further explained that the weapon doesn’t have any foundries nor logos etched onto it which adds more mystery to the Exotic.

In line with this, the weapon that Eris Morn was holding in the “Shadowkeep” announcement was also spotted in the event and has learned to be like Loud Lullabye. Just like the machine gun, this too is expected to be released as an Exotic in the upcoming expansion.

Season of the Undying, Vex invasion confirmed

A new teaser for the upcoming DLC was also shown at Guardian Con where it featured a preview of the Moon. Bungie also revealed the name of the next season that will go live alongside “Shadowkeep” which is Season of the Undying.” They also confirmed that the Vex invasions across the Solar System will kick off as soon as the expansion is released.

Climb any wall using sticky grenades

Meanwhile, it was recently discovered that players can jump off of grenade launcher ‘nades in mid-air giving them extra leverage. Reddit user u/pastuleo23 (a.k.a the YouTuber Cheese Forever), on the other hand, stated that Guardians can land on sticky grenades and climb any wall in the game. He even uploaded a short clip showing how it’s done. He further explained that the trick is easy with Titans using Lion Rampants and Catapult Lift.