It's only been a few days since the release of "Fortnite: Battle Royale's" tenth season which is titled as "Season X" and the game has already started to tease its next big in-game event. The latest season release saw the return of one of the most fan-favorite sites called Dusty Depot, along with a few other minor details from the past season of the game. Currently, the location seems to be doomed to destruction as the giant meteor slowly makes its way towards the site just like season 4, although the changes seen in Dusty Depot in the past few days might stop it from happening.

Changes in Dusty Depot

The theme of this season, "Out of Time," hints that time warping will play a major role in the progression of this season and we've already seen that the Orb blast from the last season has somehow slowed down the meteor and revived Dusty Depot, although its interference has also brought changes to locations like Loot Lake and the Monster Skeleton.

A post by user 10Shredder00 on the official subreddit of Fortnite Battle Royale shows a 3-day timelapse of Dusty Depot which reveals that the place has been changing since the beginning of this season. Not many players know about the changes because Epic Games hasn't released any updates for the game in the past few days, so that is why a big change at the site might be surprising for some players.

On August 2, the warehouses had the classic look from the early seasons of "Fortnite" but things started to change on August 3rd when the scaffolding, containers, and boxes in the warehouse were moved outside as if someone was making a place for themselves.

A telescope was also placed on the roof of the grey warehouse which was pointing towards the frozen meteor.

Finally, on August 4, some sort of construction work has begun inside the grey warehouse and a bed, a TV, and a computer have also appeared inside the structure. A satellite dish has also appeared on the roof of the grey warehouse which means that whoever lives in the grey warehouse is studying the giant meteor that is destined to hit the Dusty Depot.

Last stage leak

"Fortnite: Battle Royale" data miner "FortTory" has been searching the game file of Season X for new event details and has revealed that there is going to be one more big change to the grey building in Dusty Depot. The fourth and final change to the location will bring more computers, monitoring systems, and servers to the warehouse and it will also add a new storey to the building.

Some players have theorized that it might be the Visitor living in the warehouse and he is conducting some sort of experiment in order to stop the meteor from crashing the site again. "Fortnite" leakers have also revealed that there is going to be a big change coming to NEO Tilted as well which will take the location to the past.