Tyler “Ninja” Blevins’ sudden move to Mixer from Twitch made waves in the gaming scene as he has grown to become one of the biggest streamers to the latter platform. Jabs have been thrown at him due to the recent switch and these have been shrugged off by the streamer and his team. However, it came to his attention the things that are going on over on his Twitch channel and this made him disgusted upon learning it.

‘Disgusted and so sorry’

Ninja took to Twitter to address the situation as he discovered that Twitch has allegedly promoted other streamers on his former channel that has over 14 million subscribers.

The feeling of disgust came when he also learned that there was a Twitch account that livestreams adult content got recommended on his channel, not to mention that it was the most viewed by the time it was still up.

Per the short clip on his recent tweet, he said that he made sure that his transition to Mixer from Twitch was smooth and professional. He also pointed out that he never said anything bad or negative on his former platform because there’s no reason for him to do such.

He also highlighted that Twitch’s alleged recommendation on his channel was neither done to other offline channels nor to other streamers that have already signed up for a different streaming service. As for the mature content that got promoted on his channel, he made it clear that he had no say on any of those adding that this drew the final straw for him as they are now trying to take the entire channel down.

He went on to apologize to the people especially the kids who might have seen the livestream. At the time of writing, Ninja tweeted that Twitch has reverted back his channel “to how an offline page should look.”

The story was also covered by well-known YouTuber Keemstar on his DramaAlert channel and said that he sent a text message to Ninja asking about his next step regarding the situation.

According to Keem, the Mixer streamer’s lawyers are now looking into it to see what actions they’ll be taking. The YouTuber also threw in his two cents about it and said that Twitch can’t do such a thing to Ninja’s brand as the latter built it up and promoting mature content to the streamer’s younger audience is pretty messed up.

Fellow content creators are one with Ninja on this one. SypherPK (@SypherPK) tweeted that it’s very unprofessional on Twitch’s part and it backfired. He went on stating that it’s not even respectful. YouTuber Jacksepticeye commended Ninja for bringing it to light adding that it made Twitch look really childish.

Twitch responds

Twitch Executive Officer Emmett Shear, on the other hand, responded via Twitter addressing the debacle. Per the CEO, he stated that their community comes to their platform for live content.

Further, he explained that to ensure that their viewers find “great, live channels,” he revealed that they’ve “been experimenting with showing recommended content across Twitch, including on streamers’ pages that are online.”

As for the Twitch account that streamed the adult content, Shear stated that they’ve issued a permanent suspension of the said account adding that they also suspended the platform’s recommendations feature.