A lot of “Fortnitecontent creators out there are on a constant grind to have their work be known among players and fans. However, one of them is facing what could be the toughest challenge of his life as he revealed that his career as a YouTuber and "Fortnite" player has reached its abrupt end due to his worsening eyesight.

Eyesight’s regressing

"Fortnite" YouTuber Flamm –with 59,000 subscribers– recently took to Twitter to announce that his career in "Fortnite" has come to an end as he was diagnosed with a medical condition known as Retinitis Pigmentosa.

It’s a rare genetic eye disorder that involves in the breakdown and loss of cells in the retina (it’s the light-sensitive tissue that lines the back of the eye).

Per his tweet, he stated his eyesight’s regressing every day adding that the odds are that he’s going to go completely blind. That said, he regretfully went on stating that his “Fortnite” career as a YouTuber has reached its end. He pointed out, however, that he’ll eventually return in uploading clips in the video sharing site once his life has been sorted out. For the meantime, he stated that he’ll continue his absence from YouTube.

Fans of the YouTuber were saddened with his announcement as they tweeted out well wishes and hoping that the odds would be in his favor.

There are even others who promised to still use his creator code even if he already stopped making videos to support him.

Pros considering controllers

Meanwhile, massive “Fortnite” streamer Turner Tenney (a.k.a.

Tfue) could be considering in switching from using a mouse and keyboard to a console controller. This after he failed to rotate a ramp during a match which resulted in him getting eliminated by a player using a controller. He said on his recent stream that controllers are as of late so much better and wished that he had editing sensitivity.

Tfue further explained that MKB players only get a scroll wheel reset.

TSM HighDistortion, on the other hand, is currently using an Xbox One controller and has been doing pretty well as expected. His YouTube channel is also doing good after the controller switch probably because the viewers are interested to see how he plays the game using a console and check for themselves if the controller is better that a mouse and keyboard. The streamer even took to Twitter addressing such trend in his channel alongside a screenshot from Social Blade showing his channel raking those subs.

In his recent upload, he even showed his key binds on the controller and explained why he decided to switch. According to him, he doesn’t train to become one of the top-tier players there is.

He said that he’s doing it to create some great content and entertain his viewers.