Epic Games has made several changes to the "Fortnite Battle Royale" island with Season X to be released August 1. While many players expected more changes to come with the initial patch, the video game developer has decided to take a different approach and make big changes over the course of the entire season. Dusty Depot was brought back with the first update, as well as the meteor point of interest.

With the v10.00 Content Update, Epic Games released Tilted Town, which is the first Rift Zone in the game. It replaced Neo Tilted and it has a Wild West theme.

What makes this area unique is that it's the first area that takes us to the past, and players cannot break or build structures inside of it. The "Fortnite Battle Royale" creator is going to release even bigger changes to the map, and it is going to look completely different when the current season ends.

The meteor is moving

The major theme, for Season X, is the past and time warp. The meteor, which had destroyed a good portion of island at the start of the fourth season, has been stopped and frozen in the current season. This has prevented the destruction of Dusty Depot and several other places on the map. The meteor is a point of interest that can be found above Dusty Depot, but it turns out that it will keep moving.

Popular "Fortnite Battle Royale" data miner Hypex released some interesting details regarding the evolution of the island in the upcoming weeks of Season X. The data miner found information regarding the meteor movement and other map changes that Epic Games has prepared for the release.

As you can see, in the tweet above, the current location of the meteor was originally above the factories, but it will keep moving north, closer to Dusty Depot.

This was the place where the meteor landed at the beginning of Season 4, so it will be interesting to see what happens in the coming weeks. The data miner claims that the current location of the meteor on the minimap is slightly inaccurate, but this will most likely change with a future update.

Snow melting

The snow biome was added with the beginning of Season 7.

The southwestern part of the map has been turned into a new biome, and some popular points of interest, such as Flush Factory and Greasy Grove, have disappeared. However, they may come back in the future as the data miner claims that snow will soon melt.

Many players had been asking for a snow biome but, when Epic Games added it, they changed their minds. Snow has been in the game for three seasons, and the community wants it gone. It will, most likely, start to melt slowly, revealing new locations and points of interest.