"Fortnite: Battle Royale" Season X has seen a lot of brand-collaboration and is currently hosting a "Borderlands" crossover event, but new game file leaks suggest that "Fortnite" will bring a spine-chilling update with their next collaboration. Although there is no official word from Epic Games about their next collaboration, the leaked files have revealed that an "IT Chapter Two" crossover is happening soon. "IT Chapter Two" is set to be released on September 6 and since there is less than a week left till its release, it makes sense that if a collaboration is going to happen between the movie and "Fortnite" then the event files are already added to the game.

'Fortnite' and 'IT' crossover

There's still a lot of time left till Halloween, so the leaked crossover event is definitely not targeted at "Fortnite's" this year's Fortnitemares season and players might get something similar to the "Stranger Things" collaboration that happened earlier this summer. With that being said, this might be the first time that "Fortnite" hosts two major brand-collaborations at the same time since the "Fortnite X Mayhem" crossover isn't going to go away anytime soon due to the new "Welcome to Pandora" challenges.

Famous data miner FortTory found a new "Creepy Balloon" game asset in the files and the directory of the file consists of a "Flotation_Balloon" term in it which is a reference to the movie's "We all float down here" quote.

The game already had Balloons item added to it back in season 6 and was vaulted in patch v9.00 but they might return to the game in the upcoming crossover.

Pennywise audio files

Another data miner was able to find new audio files with an eerie laughing sound that is uncannily similar to Pennywise's demonic laughter from "IT." "Fortnite: Battle Royale" fanbase consists of teenagers and young children so a very dark crossover event might not be a great idea for the game although the in-game store might reveal a Pennywise outfit just like the Demogorgon outfit from the previous "Stranger Things" crossover.

A total of four new unnerving laughing sounds were leaked from the files, all of them being two to three seconds long. The audio cues are a good sound effect for inflating Balloons in case they return to the game, although the name of of the sounds has the word "Illinois" in it which doesn't make any sense considering that most part of the movie takes place in Derry, Maine.

B.R.U.T.E. mech bug

The controversial B.R.U.T.E. vehicle has been temporarily disabled from all playlists after Epic Games found a new Air Stomp bug that allowed players to deal damage to players and structures outside of the mech's range. The vehicle has been disabled until Epic is able to get rid of the bug, so until then, players don't have to play in fear of getting eliminated by a random mech.