"Fortnite Battle Royale" players had the opportunity to witness the unique event that happened on July 20 at 4 AM Eastern Time. This event, called "The Final Showdown," featured the fight between the Mecha robot and the Cattus, which is the Polar Peak monster. Players could watch the fight in real-time, and even though it was impressive, it hasn't brought big map changes, which is something many players have expected.

Fortunately, Epic Games is preparing another big event, and this time, it will cause massive changes to the in-game island. Once again, Loot Lake will be in the center of the event, and we can expect it to happen within the next 10 days.

Season 9 is scheduled to end in early August, right after the Fortnite World Cup concludes, and this will be the time when the "Fortnite Battle Royale" island gets big changes.

The lake orb and the connection to the Rocket Launch

The Rocket Launch was the first live event in "Fortnite Battle Royale" and it happened at the end of Season 4. The Visitor has launched the rocket to open up a huge rift in the sky, which introduced players to the fifth season of the popular video game. At one point during the event, the Visitor mentioned "the zero point" but no one had considered it important until the last event.

The Final Showdown fight has brought some minor changes to the map, including the Cattus Hill and the orb that has appeared at the center of Loot Lake.

The orb is called the zero point, and the upcoming event will be centered around it. Considering that the rocket is still somewhere in the In-Between, it won't be surprising if it appears during this event and causes massive damage to the island.

Data miners have found three different stages of the orb in the game data, and the final stage will most likely happen shortly before the season-ending event.

In addition to this, Donald Mustard, Creative Director at Epic Games, has changed his Twitter location to The Zero Point. Mustard has used his location to hint at different "Fortnite Battle Royale" events, and there is no doubt that this is going to be the next one. However, it is important to note that this may not be a live event, although there is a possibility of it.

No map changes after the event

Many players expected the last event to bring massive changes to the in-game island, but it did not happen. The reason is the Fortnite World Cup that begins on July 26. Epic Games has made it clear that there wouldn't be any big changes to the game before this tournament as its participants wouldn't have enough time to adjust to the changes. However, this is why we can expect the zero point event to cause changes to the entire island.