Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts released Season 2 of "Apex Legends" on July 2, 2019. Unlike Season 1, the second season has brought some map changes to the game, as well as changes to legends and weapon balance. In addition to this, players can now use Wattson, who is a new legend, and the L-Star, which is the newest weapon that was added with the July 2 patch.

The video game developer has recently released another patch for the game, changing a few things about it and making several improvements. The patch was released on July 6 as Respawn Entertainment has quickly addressed some issues that players reported after the Season 2 release.

This small patch was released for all platforms and the "Apex Legends" creator has released a changelog for it on the video game subreddit.

The latest patch

Respawn Entertainment released the latest "Apex Legends" patch just before the weekend, addressing some of the biggest issues that have come to the game with the second season. The game creator has also added the DevTracker that players can use to report in-game bugs and track progress on other bugs that are being fixed.

Shield damage multiplier for the Disruptor Rounds Hopup has been reduced from 2.26 to 1.7. According to Respawn, this is a minor tweak that was released while the team evaluates the full weapon meta next week. In addition to this, the development team also released a change to location-based challenges.

These daily challenges have had a negative impact on players, which is why they have been removed from the game. Players will still get three daily challenges, so the total amount hasn't been reduced.

The ranked mode has also received a small change. Unfortunately, the leaving penalty in this mode has been disabled with the latest patch.

However, we can expect it to be enabled soon again as the game developer has disabled it because of bugs. It is important to note that Respawn can manually penalize players for leaving ranked matches early, so players have to be careful.

Next patch and Twitch rewards

It appears that the "Apex Legends" developer will release another patch next week.

After all, they made it clear that more changes will come soon, and we can expect the leaving penalty to be re-enabled with another patch. Considering that the game hasn't received a lot of updates since it was released in February, this is a great sign.

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