Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts have done a great job with the second season of "Apex Legends." After a disappointing Season 1 update, the video game developer has put in a lot more work and effort in Season 2, and it has resulted in a drastic increase in the popularity of the game. The new season has brought a new Battle Pass with improved rewards, but in order to obtain them, players have to rank up by playing matches and completing challenges.

Leveling was extremely slow in the first season and there are a lot of players who have failed to get to tier 100.

Unfortunately, things haven't changed in Season 2, and despite the addition of daily and weekly challenges, progression is still extremely slow and it takes a lot of time and effort. This might change later in the season, but for now, players are limited when it comes to Battle Pass progression.

Fastest leveling in the game

Reddit user K_U recently made a lengthy post explaining how slow leveling is in the latest "Apex Legends" update. He explained that the game throttles players to 10 levels per week and that if players fall behind, they will have a tough time catching up with the progress. According to the Reddit user, the progression is intentionally throttled by the 54K XP wall.

He explained how "Apex Legends" users can level up easily every week by completing challenges and earning experience points.

By following this, it is possible to reach the maximum level before the season ends, but players who miss even just one week will be punished. This is how it is possible to gain easy levels every week:

  • Completing three weekly challenges that give one Battle Pass level
  • Completing two weekly resetting challenges for daily challenge progression which reward one Battle Pass level
  • Completing weekly resetting challenges that rewards one Battle Pass level each and 9K/18K/27K/36K/45K experience points each

"After those 10 levels, you hit the 54K XP wall where it will take 5 hours of survival time XP per BP level (compared to 82 minutes of survival time XP per level in Season 1).

That means that even the players that aggressively grind the BP likely will not complete it until week 10 or 11," the Reddit user explained.

Catching up problems

Leveling up the Battle Pass is not simple, but it is even more difficult if players are not able to play for a week or two. Considering that seven of the weekly challenges mentioned above reset every single week, players simply cannot afford to miss them or they may not hit the maximum level by the time the season ends.

The regular XP progression has been nerfed since there is no longer XP bonus for playing different legends. Players have to rely on completing challenges in order to level up, which is far from fun. "Apex Legends" challenges are designed to bring players to the game every week, while also slowing down a rapid progression for hardcore players.