Nintendo is looking to get into 5G technology, possibly for the next version of the Switch console. Additionally, the hybrid game console will also receive new titles from Aksys Games.

In a recent conversation with the gaming publisher Anime News Network, Akysys Games announced plans to release new Otome games for the hybrid console sometime in 2020. The game publisher also added that the upcoming titles will include some new surprises and old fan favorites.

The last time Aksys Games made such huge game announcement was during the 2017 Anime Expo.

The company has developed games for PS4 and PS Vita. These include "Sweet Fuse," "Bad Apple Wars," "Norn9," "At Your Side," "Psychedelic of the Black Butterfly" and "7’scarlet." The company has already worked for big gaming companies like Bandai Namco Entertainment and Atlus.

The California-based game publisher is also responsible for the 2018 release of the popular simulation video game "Little Dragons Café," which features brother and sister learning to cook and manage a small cafe with their mother. The company also donated a significant portion of its profits to charity.

Nintendo to get into 5G technology

Nintendo is reportedly looking into 5G technology. The company has already been rumored to release additional versions of its Switch console, possibly to address the different segments of its fast-growing user base.

In a recent company shareholder session, Nintendo hardware division director Ko Shiota talked about the company’s plans to pursue 5G technology for its next game development. The hardware director admitted that his company is currently investigating the 5G technology in order to fully understand the impact of 5G technology to its business.

The Japanese company is known for being a trendsetter when it comes to the handheld gaming console. It pioneered features such as glasses-free 3D displays and motion controls. Right now, it still not sure about Nintendo’s 5G plans whether the company is working to implement the technology to its next console or not. But with the Switch’s continued strong business and huge fanbase means that Nintendo has plenty of room for some gaming experimentation, which may include a new version of Switch console and support for 5G technology.

About the Japanese hybrid game console

Developed by Nintendo, Nintendo Switch is a widely popular hybrid game console that can be used as both a portable and stationary device. The console features wireless Joy-Con controllers and supports handheld-style play. It also supports online gaming and local multiplayer modes with other Nintendo Switch devices. The Nintendo Switch was first released on market in March 2017.