Ever since the end of Season 3 of "Fortnite Battle Royale," Epic Games has done some fantastic things with in-game events. It all started with the meteors that were falling in the final days of the third season, which resulted in the destruction of Dusty Depot. Season 4 was especially amazing in terms of the events as players witnessed a live event for the first time in the game during the Rocket Launch.

Now, we are in Season 9 and the "Fortnite" developer has released at least one big event in each season since the fourth one was released. On July 20, players could witness the Final Showdown event which was the battle between the Polar Peak monster and the Pressure Plant robot.

The robot ended up being victorious, and the event has left a mysterious orb at Loot Lake. It turns out that the orb is going to explode before Season 10, and what's even more exciting is the fact that the explosion could happen at any point!

The explosion could result in massive changes

The orb that can be found at the center of Loot Lake was included in the robot vs. monster event. At first, the monster attempted to take the orb but was interrupted by the robot. After a short fight, the robot had lost its arm and collapsed near the lake. However, it managed to grab the orb and absorb its power, which resulted in a big victory over the monster.

The Loot Lake orb has gone through a few phases since then and it is going to explode soon.

This event will certainly happen before Season 10, but no one knows exactly when. Considering that the orb looks like it's entering its final phase, we can expect the explosion to happen at any point.

What makes the orb even more interesting is the energy that it contains. The Loot Lake vault is the source of energy that powers Neo Tilted, and we can expect drastic map changes to happen after the explosion.

Season 9 has a futuristic theme, but that will most likely change with Season 10 and Neo Tilted could go back to its original non-futuristic form.

When will the orb explode?

Even though the orb looks very close to the explosion, it is unlikely that the event will happen before July 29. The Fortnite World Cup starts on Friday, July 26, and the best "Fortnite Battle Royale" players will participate in the final phase on Saturday and Sunday.

Epic Games has made it clear that there wouldn't be any big changes to the map before the tournament, which is a big reason why the Final Showdown event hasn't resulted in big changes to the island.

The volcano event in Season 8 happened five days before the ninth season but, considering that Season 10 starts in a week, the Loot Lake event will most likely happen on Monday, July 29. There is also a chance that this won't be a live event which means that players will only get a cinematic video of what happened.