Epic Games has finally rolled out the patch notes for “Fortnite’s” v9.40 update where it officially introduced the Epic and Legendary variants of the Tactical Shotgun. The latest game tweak also revealed some new stuff under Creative which include the Ball Spawner and floating islands.

Update v9.40

Damage stats for both purple and gold shotties have been revealed as they have an 83 and 87 maximum damage respectively. Both iterations of the weapon will have the same shots per second (1.5), holds eight shells, both will also have a headshot multiplier of 2.25, and will be obtainable on chests, vending machines, floor loot, and loot carriers.

Weapon changes

Weapon changes were also detailed by the developer. Per the patch notes, the Combat Shotgun’s long-range effectiveness has been nerfed including its Headshot Multiplier which is now reduced to 1.5 from 1.7. Epic further explained that they’ve decided to decrease the weapon’s long-range effectiveness and at the same time changed its curve to fall for it to be more in line with other shotties in the BR side of the game. They also rolled out a fix to an issue with the Drum Shotgun where it shows an incorrect environmental damage falloff. Other fixes include a bug where the Launch Pad seems to be indestructible while using a pickaxe.

Kevin’s Floating Island

As for “Fortnite’s Creative mode, the developer added what they call Kevin’s Floating Island.

If its description is anything to go by, it looks like players can build their very own floating fortress on top of these islands.

Cattus and Doggus leaks

With that in mind, there's a popular theory about the game’s upcoming season (Season 10) where it suggests of a boss fight as soon as the new season drops.

Players will be recruited to fight the Cattus monster and will be called to head towards those in-game floating platforms.

Just like past updates, it is expected that data miners will be digging deep into the game files to see what interesting stuff has been added. Leakers did not go empty-handed as they’ve already posted their finds on their respective social media pages.

Known “Fortnite” data miner FortTory (@FortTory) has dug up quite a sum of these upcoming contents. 3D images of the Doggus mecha featuring both its head and torso were found alongside its in-game images. A loading screen of the robot was also discovered by the data miner. From the looks of it, the robot’s head looks more like a bear rather than a dog.

In line with this, the Fortbyte mystery image was also revealed and the hidden image shows a drawing of both the Doggus and Cattus slugging it out. The former seems to be holding a sword as a bearded Jonesy points at his masterpiece. FortTory also stumbled upon a couple of banners featuring the two titans.