Fortnite: Battle Royale’s" V9.30 update is finally live as it brought in a new set of changes and fixes in the game. It also introduced a new consumable – the Chug Splash that grants both health and shield to whoever’s inside its splash radius. Just like any other updates of the game. It wouldn’t be complete without the plethora of datamined intel being dug up by leakers. With that in mind, new leaks suggest of the upcoming “Stranger Things” collaboration, new LTMs and another consumable.

Upcoming AirStrike item

“FNBR” dataminer FortTory (@FortTory) recently took to Twitter to reveal some of the interesting stuff that he found in the game files.

One of them is an item what he calls an “AirStrike.” It looks like another throwable with an image of a bomb on it. The leaker even claimed that players can max stack up to two of this yet-to-be-released item. He also tweeted a short clip showing the upcoming item in action.

Another item that the leaker found is a Hover Surfboard. FortTory believes that the item could temporarily replace the Driftboard during this Summer or it could be a completely new vehicle. The dataminer even managed to get a 3D render of the new item.

14 Days of Summer and other LTMs

A Limited Time Mode known as 14 Days of Summer was also found in the game files.

FortTory also managed to get a screenshot of the LTM’s list of challenges and their corresponding rewards. Other game modes that were dug up include:

  • Storm Chasers: Surfin

Per its description, players will be jumping out of the Battle Bus and on to their “shiny new surfboard.” They’ll also use Impulse grenades to bounce enemies into the storm.

They also have to race against the storm and other surfers to be the last one standing.

  • Strategic Structures

The LTM suggests that both of the metal and stone walls’ health has been increased, though resource cap and farming have been reduced.

  • Loadout Swap

Players’ loadout will continue to change during a match.

  • Tank Battle

Both of the player’s health and shields have been drastically increased. However, healing items were taken off and replaced by siphon.

  • Automatics

The name of the game suggests that players will only use automatic weapons throughout the match

  • Headshots Only!

Landing those headshots is the only way in dealing damage

  • As for the last LTM dubbed Splashdown, the dataminer has no idea what kind of LTM will it be.

Heavy Shotgun + Drum Gun = The Drum Shotgun

Dataminers have also stumbled upon what could be an upcoming weapon in the game initially known as the Drum Shotgun. From the looks of it, the shotty is a hybrid between a Heavy Shotgun and the Drum Gun. It's not yet certain if this leaked intel will be seeing the light of day in the game, but only time will tell.