The previously teased Epic and Legendary iterations of the Tactical Shotgun is officially added into “Fortnite Battle Royale” alongside the game’s late v9.40 patch. That said, dataminers are at it again checking the game files for some newly added contents that are yet to be revealed by the developer. Leakers were able to uncover some interesting stuff which includes Birthday and Overtime challenges, new weapons, and a Jetpack with unlimited fuel.

Birthday and Overtime challenges

Fortnitedataminer FortTory (@FortTory) managed to take screenshots of these upcoming contents as these include the game’s Birthday and Overtime challenges:

  • Birthday
  • Play matches
  • Dance in front of different Birthday Cakes
  • Outlast opponents
  • Gain either health or shield from Birthday Cake

The challenges have corresponding items and completing any of the four tasks will be rewarded with such.

  • Overtime
  • Reach Battle Pass tier 23
  • Complete the free OT challenges
  • Reach Battle Pass 71
  • Complete the free OT challenges
  • Reach Battle Pass tier 87
  • Complete the free OT challenges
  • Working together with friends to get eliminations
  • Damaging opponents using shotties
  • Players need to visit Loot Lake, Pressure Plant, and Polar Peak
  • Reviving a friend in various matches
  • Damaging opponents using Assault Rifles
  • Dance inside a holographic Durr Burger head
  • Place top 15 in either Duos or Squads with a friend
  • Damaging opponents using SMGs
  • Need to score a goal on an indoor soccer pitch

Storm Scout Sniper, unli-fueled Jetpack, and a Cattus Hill POI

The dataminer also unearthed Epic and Legendary renders of a Storm Scout Sniper Rifle.

If the screenshots are anything to go by, the weapon is likely to have a maximum damage of 81 and 85 respectively and both have an ammo capacity of six.

As mentioned, an infinite fueled Jetpack might be rolled out in the BR shooter as soon as Season 10 kicks off. Per its description, “a full-throttle blast of thrills and fun.

Initiate by jumping in the air.” With that in mind, this could be used during the Cattus v Doggus battle as it is theorized by players that a boss fight might ensue by the time Season 10 goes live.

In line with this, FortTory stumbled upon a string of codes within the game files pertaining to the said item.

According to him, players will be able to get the Jetpack from their inventories during what he calls an Unvaulting event. The leaker also mentioned of a Music LTM that he claims got reused for the said event. He also tweeted a screenshot suggesting that there could be a new POI in the game dubbed Cattus Hill.

Meanwhile, it looks like the latest update has met an issue and its affecting “Fortnite’s” Creative mode. Epic took to Twitter to announce that they have identified an issue where players are unable to edit structures. They went on assuring their player base that they’ll roll out updates regarding this bug as soon as they arise.