The countdown to “FortniteSeason 10 is well underway and theories on how this new season will drop are getting rife. Also, Epic Games has just revealed the weapon that will be reintroduced in the battle royale shooter as they’ve decided to roll it out with a couple more variants.

Epic and Legendary variants

Players are pretty much aware by now about the Tactical Shotgun will be getting an upgrade soon as it was already teased in-game. Per its description, the “Fortnite” BR community can expect an Epic and Legendary iterations of the weapon once it’s available in the game.

Dexerto also covered the story of this upcoming weapon as they pointed out that it looks like a mix between a Heavy and a Pump.

There’s no definite date yet on when the Epic and Legendary variants of the shotty will be rolled out. The publication believes, however, that it’s likely to be added into the game this Wednesday, July 17. Damage stats for the weapon are still undisclosed at the time of writing, though it is expected to be a whole lot powerful as compared to its lower-tiered versions especially its rate of fire which is the distinct feature in Tacs.

Boss fight theory in BR

Meanwhile, theories about “Fortnite’s” incoming season have already filled the game’s social media channels as of late.

Players have recently pointed out some interesting stuff that they’ve stumbled upon in the game and came up with some plausible events that could happen in Season 10.

One of the theories is that there might an in-game boss fight which is the first-ever in BR if such thing fits in the bag. If Reddit user u/toolbox007 post is anything to go by, he pointed out that the poster of the so-called “Uncle Jonesy” (the “We Want You” poster) is the only leaked event item that hasn’t been spotted in the game yet.

He further explained that players could be recruited either before or during the event to defeat the Cattus monster.

He added that the recruitment could be the result of either Cattus is way powerful for the robot to handle on its own or the giant mecha was defeated. He went on stating that players will be watching the event unfold from the sky platforms, at some point, they will be called out to form what the OP calls an all lobby army to fight the huge threat.

In line with this, another Reddit user - u/EpicMatt28 also posted another theory about Jonesy. In the Fortbyte mystery image, he noticed a battery icon at the bottom right of the image indicating that the character is recording himself. That said, the OP stated that it’s probable that it could be a part of Season 10’s opening scene adding that it could be a “found footage style of cinematic.”

Someone even commented that Jonesy’s torso is hiding a huge part of the story and provided his theory about it. Per the Reddit user, the character could be drawing on the floor and not the wall adding that the blocked image would, later on, reveal to be the Cattus and the robot.