Last week, from July 26 to July 28, "Fortnite: Battle Royale" held one of the largest E-Sports tournaments in the World at Arthur Ashe stadium in the New York City, having a humongous prize pool of $30 Million with every participant taking a minimum of $50,000 in the solo finals.

The World Cup brought together more than 200 of the best "Fortnite: Battle Royale" players, some of which are well-known streamers and YouTubers, some belong to greatest E-Sports teams, and some were seen for the first time on the screen. Unfortunately, some the best "Fortnite" streamers like Ninja, Symfuhny, SypherPK, etc.

were not able to qualify for the solo championship.

Mid game disqualification

During the last match of the solo competition of "Fortnite" World Cup, Mark Letw1k3” Danilov, a 14-year-old Russian player from Gambit eSports was caught cheating and as a result, the player was disqualified from the match. According to the player, he only peeked over his monitor for a couple of seconds to view the spectator screens in the stadium.

According to Polygon, an Epic representative said that the player peeked over from his monitor more than once.

Furthermore, the representative said that after issuing multiple warnings to the player, a penalty was assessed and that is why the Danilov was removed from the match although he was not disqualified and will not be fined.

The official rules for "Fortnite" Championship mention that players will be disqualified for looking exploiting, glitching, hacking, trying to get assistance from the outside which means that getting information other than that is available on their monitor screens.

In the Competitive Integrity section of the rules, it is clearly stated that players will be disqualified if found "looking at or attempting to look at spectator monitors while currently in a match."

Unfair removal from the match

Although Epic says that the player was looking at the big screen, the initial reports during the match say something else happened.

According to the other story, Fwexy, the player sitting next to Danilov, slammed his hand on the table when he was eliminated in the match. Danilov was distracted by it and looked at the Fwexy's direction and at the moment, the event administrators caught him. It is also said that the player was given wrong keyboard gear for the tournament.

Whatever the case might be, Epic has confirmed that the player was not disqualified from the tournament, which means that the player still received $50,000 cash prize. Currently, "Fortnite" is getting ready for its tenth season which is currently titled as "Season X." The first teaser for the season was dropped before the final match started in the Solo World Cup.