A lot went down at the recently concluded Fortnite World Cup and stories surrounding some of the participants have been popping up as of late. One of them came from the 13-year-old Argentinean pro-player who goes by the moniker King who placed fifth in the tournament’s solo championships.

‘Tudo tuyo’

A 10-second clip showing a heartwarming moment between Thiago “King” Lapp (@k1nGOD) and his dad is making the rounds online and those who have watched it were definitely hit right in the feels. Per the short video, it can be seen that the proud dad lifts and hugs his emotional pro-player son who placed fifth in the Fortnite World Cup solos and bagged $900,000.

During that moment, it can also be heard King’s dad repeatedly saying “tudo tuyo” which translates to “all yours.”

The short clip has been getting massive views over on social media (over two million views at the time of writing), not to mention that it’s been getting a ton of likes and retweets. Popular gaming personalities like 100 Thieves’ Jack “CouRage” Dunlop (@CouRagJD) and FaZe Apex also saw the video as the former described King’s performance as “beautiful” while the latter tweeted that it’s a well-deserved win. Others even commented that while Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf’s (the solos champion) a machine, King, on the other hand, is a beast.

Aggressive play style

The teen pro-gamer qualified for both of the tournament’s duo and solo championships, though he performed better in the latter.

Commentators even described his gameplay as aggressive and also took notice of his insane box plays.

King was on an impressive start where he finished second with seven eliminations on the first match. The second match of the six-series championship proved to be one of his best highlights during the competition as he eliminated Tfue who is one of the most popular players who has ever played the battle royale shooter.

He even managed to stack 12 eliminations during that match maintaining the second spot. It was also on that match where he became the damage leader with 574.

Things went a bit downhill during the third match, however, as he got eliminated early on. Albeit the setback, the teen carried on his aggressive gameplay and managed to get 14 eliminations at the end of the fourth match and settled for ninth place.

Another highlight came during the fifth match where he impressed both the commentators and fans by shockwaving himself and eliminating Luneze in the process...with only 35 HP left. At the end of the match, he got 15 eliminations and dropped to the 10th spot. As mentioned, by the end of the sixth and final match, King managed to climb his way back and finished fifth place and is now $900,000 richer.