Fortnite: Battle Royale” has grown to become the biggest BR shooter as of late with tournaments being held left and right. However, a now-former player recently uploaded a video, on YouTube, announcing that he’ll no longer play the game explaining how he arrived at such a decision.

Why he quit

Fortnite” player Gorilla made the announcement in a 30-minute video detailing an experience at a major tournament that made him quit the game. Albeit being “super vague” about it, he recalled the time when an Epic employee ruined another pro player’s chance in winning the said tournament.

According to Gorilla, it happened at a “Fortnite” tourney at PAX where he and fellow pros were very much concerned about their security and safety during the event. This is due to a prior incident that happened at a “Madden” tournament in Jacksonville, Florida where someone opened fire on some of the players that ultimately resulted in the loss of lives. That said, they were worried that something similar might happen as they messaged Epic asking how safe the venue was to which Gorilla said that they did not get any response from the developer. Someone from the pro scene, however, “at” some folks over at Epic to have the security issue addressed and got a response assuring them that they’re going to beef up the security at the event.

Gorilla then focused his narration on a certain participant at the event who was then playing in his qualifiers. He said that someone accused the player of being a security threat, and the unnamed participant, naturally, defended himself. Nevertheless, the Epic employee refused to acknowledge the player’s defense, immediately deciding to remove the player from the tournament.

Gorilla added that the employee’s poor decision in this situation was “purely out of just f*ckin’ pettiness because they got called out on Twitter.”

Luckily, a higher up in Epic came up and asked what the commotion was all about, requesting to review the footage. As expected, it was then proven that the accused player didn’t do any ruckus and this was backed up by his fellow participants, early on.

The player basically had to throw away his chance at the tournament all because of a false accusation.

In charge of his livelihood

Gorilla further explained that that was not the main reason he quit, but the moral behind it, adding, “those type of people were in charge of his livelihood.” He went on to say that the Epic employee didn’t even receive any repercussions, whatsoever, adding that the incident could’ve ruined the player’s life.

As for his stream, Gorilla said that he’ll be playing “World of Warcraft,” instead, adding that he just had to get away from “Fortnite.” He went on to say that he just has to do whatever makes him happy.