Epic Games is slowly preparing "Fortnite Battle Royale" players for another big in-game event. Season 9 is approaching its end as it's going to enter its ninth week on Thursday, which means that the event could happen very soon. There have been numerous hints regarding this event and it will most likely be used to introduce players to Season 10 of the popular video game.

The v9.30 content update was released on July 2, adding a new weapon to the game and some small changes to the in-game world. Pressure Plant, the point of interest which was added at the start of Season 9, has also received some updates lately.

It turns out that this place is going to be very important for the upcoming event, and that is why Epic Games keeps changing it and preparing it to play a major role in the next "Fortnite Battle Royale" event.

Pressure Plant or the robot factory

Earlier in the season, a fortbyte leak showed us that the plant is going to turn into a robot factory. There are many theories about this as the leak turned out to be true. The "Fortnite" developer has begun building a giant robot at Pressure Plant, making everyone wonder what its purpose is going to be. It is most likely going to be used in the event, but it is currently unknown what exactly this event will be about.

Players still remember the Polar Peak monster and the giant eye that was under the iceberg before it collapsed.

After this, some players have noticed the monster swimming around the island, but there has been no major news about it. One of the theories suggests that the Pressure Plant robot is being built to stop the Polar Peak monster. This could be the final event players will be able to witness, and this event might bring some massive changes to the game.

As you can see in the tweet above, the robot is going to be huge! In addition to it, there will be changes to it every single day as the robot will soon get its second hand, calves, thigh, torso, biceps, and forearms.

According to data miners, there will be eight stages in total and once the robot is done, it will most likely be used for the event.

The director hints at the event

Worldwide Creative Director at Epic Games Donald Mustard has once again hinted at the event. Mustard has done this numerous times by changing his Twitter location to something that's related to a "Fortnite Battle Royale" event. For example, his location was "The Dungeon" before the Prisoner escaped the Polar Peak prison, and it was "The In-Between" before the Butterfly event.

Now, Mustard's Twitter location is "Building..." which is a reference to the Pressure Plant event. His previous locations were "Pressure Plant" and "Preparing..." so we expect him to keep it updated.