Epic Games is preparing another big event for "Fortnite Battle Royale" during Season 9. The video game developer has hinted at this event multiple times and we expect it to be big and introduce us to the tenth season of the popular video game. While we currently don't know what exactly the upcoming event is going to look like, we know enough details to make a prediction regarding its date and time, and the location within the game.

It appears that the northeastern corner of the map will once again be in the center of the event. The Season 8 ending event was about the volcano eruption that destroyed Tilted Towers and Retail Row and was later turned into Pressure Plant.

Now, the plant will be included in the next event, and considering that we have entered final weeks of the ninth season, the event could happen very soon.

The upcoming event and the map change

Donald Mustard, Creative Director at Epic Games, has once again hinted at a "Fortnite Battle Royale" event. Mustard has done this numerous times by changing the location on his Twitter profile. For example, he changed his location to "The Dungeon" before the Prisoner escaped the Polar Peak prison, or to "The In-Between" before the Butterfly event.

This time, the director has put his Twitter location as "Pressure Plant," which will be the place that will play a major role in the upcoming event. This place has had a few changes during the season and will most likely keep changing before Season 10 comes out.

Pressure Plant was built in the volcano crater and it appears that it holds a secret chamber. Many players think it's a missile silo and that the missile will be used to destroy the Polar Peak monster.

In addition to this, it was recently leaked that Pressure Plant will be turned into a robot factory. At the moment, it is unknown what role robots could play in future "Fortnite Battle Royale" events, but it will be interesting to see what Epic Games is preparing for us.

The map destruction

Some "Fortnite Battle Royale" players speculate that a missile will be launched from Pressure Plant and aimed at the monster.

However, the missile will miss its target and will eventually destroy the in-game island, causing a massive destruction in every part of it. This could lead to two things, with one of them being a completely new map released to the game for Season 10.

Many players want the original map to return to the game, but realistically, it is very unlikely that this will happen. If it does happen, the "Fortnite" developer could release it as a limited-time game mode, but it is unlikely that the original map will be brought back to regular modes since it was too plain and simple.