Epic Games has added a lot of new things to "Fortnite Battle Royale" at the start of Season 9. The in-game island has once again received some massive changes and some points of interest now look futuristic, such as Neo Tilted. Beside that, the video game developer has released a new Battle Pass with numerous cosmetic items and other rewards players get for leveling up.

Season 9 has also introduced Fortbytes, which is a unique way of progressing through the season and earning exclusive cosmetic items. Fortbytes are scattered around the map and one Fortbyte is released every single day, while some of them have to be unlocked by players.

This season, the exclusive Battle Pass skin, which is called Singularity, is unlocked by finding 90 Fortbytes. In addition, some other cosmetic items, such as pickaxes and back blings, are unlockable this way too.

Finding all Fortbytes easily

At this moment, "Fortnite Battle Royale" players can get up to 85 of these progression pieces, which is only five short of unlocking the exclusive Battle Pass outfit. While most of them can be unlocked with any outfit, some of them require players to unlock a specific Battle Pass outfit, or another cosmetic item, in order to unlock them. For example, players have to use the Skull Trooper emoji, unlocked at Battle Pass tier 58, to get one of them.

Fortunately, CaliforniaQT's Interactive Fortbyte Map shows all Fortbytes that are available and players can hide completed ones.

You can see more details in the tweet below. The map is extremely easy to use, and it also provides players with screenshots of the exact location where they need to go.

By using this interactive map, it is possible to collect all Fortbytes in just one hour by playing modes like Team Rumble.

However, some of the progression pieces cannot be simply picked up as players will have to unlock them in different ways. For example, finishing in the top 10 in regular playlists (solo, duos, squads) 50 times will reward players with one Fortbyte.

Weekly challenges are important

It is important to note that players will also have to finish weekly challenges in order to unlock some Fortbytes as they are rewarded by completing six challenges from every week.

Right now, "Fortnite Battle Royale" players are in week 9, so they have enough time to catch up with these challenges and unlock the special outfit.

Epic Games has also revealed that the ninth season will be extended due to the Fortnite World Cup. This tournament will take place at the end of July, and the game developer will not start Season 10 before it ends. This means that the next season could start in early August, shortly after the tournament is over.