Call of Duty Black Ops 4” players are concerned as of late with their accounts in the game as some of them have reported that their in-game stuff (reactive camos, weapons, and other cosmetics) were, seemingly, wiped out. Several players have already brought this issue to light, over on Reddit, stating that it stopped them from playing the first-person shooter, for the time being.

Black Ops 4 stuff gone missing on players’ accounts

Reddit user u/lolipop3k was one of the “BO4” players who encountered the bug as he stated that all of his outfits/stickers/paints, reactive camos, and even DLC weapons just went, poof.

He also claims that that the stuff that he bought in the game’s Black Market were also gone adding that these are being resold to him. The same thing goes with the game’s “Zombies” mode where all of his consumable Elixirs and 9000 Nebulium Plasma disappeared.

It may well seem that the bug also affected other “CoD” titles as the Reddit user stated that the issue also manifested in “Black Ops 3.” The player opted not to play “BO4” at the moment adding that he won’t be able to get his Ultra Weapon Bribe from the fourth event. He pointed out, however, that the game’s support people already reached out to him and assured him that the issue will be moved up in priority and will be passed along to the team responsible.

A Moderator of r/Blackops4 responded that u/ATVIAssist is currently asking affected players to send them a message regarding the issue. Other members of the subreddit commented that other players have been talking about it earlier in the week adding that they just logged out and logged back in to fix the issue. However, such workaround did not work for the OP.

At the time of writing “BO4’s” support team has yet to provide an update about this ongoing bug.

‘Modern Warfare’ weapons may have been leaked

Meanwhile, the YouTube channel of The Gaming Revolution recently uploaded a video where it detailed the upcoming weapons in “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.” If the YouTuber’s statement is anything to go by, the roster of weapons that he got is 95 percent accurate, though he pointed out that the names are not yet official.

In his video, the YouTuber said that the Aug will be classified under SMGs and not as an assault rifle as compared to previous titles. However, he said that there will be some attachments on certain weapons that would change up their classification. In line with this, it was also mentioned that the grenade launcher attachment will be making a comeback in the game, though it’s yet to be revealed which weapons will have it. There were also plans of rolling out both the ACR and the M-16 in the game and these are rumored to be released as part of a DLC.